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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Other uses for the Portland slop buckets

At our place, we've been living the Sam Rand Way, dutifully scraping all of our food slop into the official City of Portland slop bucket and dumping it into our yard debris bin so that a private company can make a bundle out of it. It's our way of showing solidarity with North Korea.

But not everyone has been complying with the program. We've been hearing stories about other purposes for which people are using their free slop bucket. Our two favorites so far: A kid using it as a trick-or-treat candy bag on Halloween; and a woman washing out her wigs in it.

The pails are so versatile -- surely, there are more uses going on out there. What are you doing with yours?

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Presently, our slop bucket stores dvd and cd backup disks. Just yesterday, our daughter informed us that her computer wouldn't boot. I just grabbed the slop bucket, headed into her room, riffled through to the Vista restore disk, and popped it in. Ran it, and voila.

Dropped the disk back into the bucket, grabbed the bucket's handy little handle, and returned it to its place of honor next to the main system in the computer room (a.k.a. network HQ).

I can't think of a better place for Vista.

Growing up on a homestead in central Or. this would have looked a lot better than a lard can under the bed, and wow with the lid it wouldn't have to be emptied as often.

Some of my cousins and I are getting ready for the annual Thanksgiving dinner at one of my uncles, he lives out in the country. We've decided to take them (the slop buckets) out there for target practice. Can't wait to see what my Desert Eagle does to one, I plan on filling it with water to amplify the effect. One of my cousins plans on bringing a 12 gauge with some slugs, should be a GREAT Thanksgiving :)

"It's our way of showing solidarity with North Korea."

Come now, it's not really like North Korea until the City distributes buckets to collect "night soil", to be used as fertilizer. That won't happen until spring...

I used it to hold the Halloween candy and let the kids grab out of it themselves while I said, "Here have some kitchen slop!"

The young ones were completely oblivious while the older ones got the joke. The parents howled with laughter. It earned it's keep.

Compost?!? I thought they sent me a shiny new lunch pail. (it did seem a little big, though, and I looked all over for the thermos) Explains the funny looks I've been getting in the cafeteria. I have GOT to start reading instructions....

IT Guy, things could be worse. You could have the extra-large lunchbox. When they ask what's inside, just tell them "It's special grease."

Returning to see bucket ideas for the other 364 days a year I re-read my posting. Perhaps I should use the bucket to hold all those extra apostrophes I seem to have. Slop? No, sloppy!

Hey, Allen - it's the daughter's system, and she likes Vista. OK?

I run XP, Win7, and Linux on the other systems. I'm not all that keen on Vista, myself (though I believe that's what Jack uses here).

I use it to drain my crankcase oil in my SUV. I then pour the oil on top of the leaves in my compost bin. Bio fuel.

I put all my regular garbage in the brown paper bags that are overrunning my house. I pour a bunch of leaves on top and, voila, problem solved.

The kids use the bucket for art supplies.

When they ask where the purple crayon is, I say, "Check Stenchy."

I brought my recycling to the Metro Recycling location off Denny Road. The have a special area set aside just for people tossing, uh, recycling, their slop buckets.

car wash bucket

I'm with Old Zeb. Only real use it has gotten so far is the Halloween candy holder, got similar reactions from trick or treaters. Parents howled, 12 - 13s and up giggled, little ones had no clue.

I'm looking for other uses. I like the target practice idea, but no land out in rural parts, and the locals don't really want to hear the 12 ga. with slugs or the .308 in the back yard.

it's the daughter's system, and she likes Vista. OK?


You keep Vista restore disks in the slop bucket ?

We are actually using ours as Sammy and company intended, for food scraps.
You see I'm not sure they didn't embed an RFID chip and are tracking them.... :')

A bucket to put all the city propaganda and "behavior change" brochures.

I got mine over a year ago attending a city hall meeting with Gilly... Mayor Bla bla bla was giving one to her and she replied "my daughter provides me with everything I need." Being rebuffed, he turned to me and I said if I put that out to be picked up the Raccoons would get into it.... I didn't get the whole recycle compost thing... so I have been using it as a donation bucket for buying more Water Ninja cards! Supporting Portland's Open Reservoirs! Water Ninja's Unite! Seduce Randy Leonard into the Light!

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