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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Occupy Portland circus still in session

Apparently the riot-gear cops and the protesters are still struggling over the blocked intersection of Fourth and Main. At the moment, the street is open and traffic is flowing across on Main, but dozens of protesters continue to hop in and out of the street. More people are getting themselves arrested. One report says 50 people have been taken into custody -- is that total just from today?

UPDATE, 5:04 p.m.: If shoppers weren't going to go downtown because of the Occupy camp, there's no way they're going down there with the roving mobs blocking the streets. Can you imagine if one of them starts climbing the Pioneer Courthouse Square don't-call-it-Christmas tree?

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What's the fuss with Main St? The city turned it mostly into a dead-end some 15 or so years ago, part of the "New Portland" makeover.

The Police are quite happy to wait while simply watching the Occupy Protestors as the second that reach for their Riot gear their hourly pay takes a huge hike (high risk exposure) and then we can toss in Special Duty call-out pay, on Sunday, with over-time.

Portland police arrested more than 50 people Sunday morning while clearing Occupy Portland protesters out of two parks in downtown Portland.


How long before these fools jump out and startle someone trying to get home and get themselves run over ?

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