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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupy Mosier?

A town of 460 in the Columbia Gorge joins in the fray.

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listening to OPB, Jack? Me too!

Mosier is a cool little town. Been through there a few times. Note that in out in Umatilla County the notion that protestor = Lazy/Leech is taken as gospel.
I imagine the Mosier area is the same.
Blows me away we are getting anything, even discussion, out in Mosier.
Quote: "The pig farms are hiring. So anyone unemployed just doesn't want to work." This from one of my most intelligent colleges. Go figure. It's Eastern Oregon man!

"Fray" is the corrupt media's distortion of it. It's not really a fray; mostly it's a pray.

No surprise that 99% means including little Mosier. Everything's up-to-date, y'know,
they've got ballots and they vote there too.

The person who, last Tuesday morning on KBOO, previewed the Mosier action said that his complaint was that no bank would provide a mortgage so that he could buy the house in which he has been living for several years. He did not offer details about his mortgage pursuit.

It is not unknown that loans for homes and businesses have not been all that easy to obtain since the onset of the continuing Great Recession (CGR). And, since extremely loose loans contributed mightily to the onset of the CGR, this is not inherently evil. Will Occupy presences across the country alter tight money? Most likely not, but what might -- in ways that do not replicate recent history?

I don't listen to OPB much. Got this story from KATU.

I don't listen to OPB much.

Of course you don't.

Actually, it's more like never. The radio's rarely on in my life any more, and when it is, it's for music.

Mosier has a village idiot?

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