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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Occupied Portland gets a little uglier

The folks who get satisfaction out of being arrested for staying overnight in Terry Schrunk Plaza have decided to make themselves more of a nuisance. And now somebody using the Occupy name is vandalizing bank branches in the Hollywood District.

It's really too bad about the latter incident. There's a nasty, violent group of lefties in town that competes with the police bureau to see who can be more obnoxious. What a waste of everyone's time and money.

Comments (21)

What happens when their gastrocolic reflex kicks in?

"A waste of everyone's time and money"? Sounds like the entire Age of Derivatives.

"So we use action as our discourse rather than words, and we intend to say much more in the days to come."

These are statements of those who will make this movement ineffectual. The other 1% attempting to hijack the protest.

" of whom is Paro -- whose hands are handcuffed to a piece of metal inside the drum".

OK, I admire your spunk kid, but even the cops here can figure out how to get you out of cuffs.

Remember this is just like the Tea Party (or as Lucs calls them Tea Baggers) people. Anarchists that vandalize Banks locally, but elsewhere they rape women. Just like those Tea Party folks. Right.

More money (taxpayers') and time (occupiers') will be wasted. They have more time than we have money, but no matter, since Obama, Pelosi at the national level, and Adams and Rep. Bowtie locally all support their cause. Democrats own this issue. Why? What is the political advantage? Maybe use them as their brownshits, ala union goons, in the next election?

If the Oregonian is nothing more than a constant stream of propaganda when they cover, for example, this city's parade of sweetheart deals with well-heeled and well-connected insiders, why is this frankly terrible newspaper now the source that I should base my opinions of the Occupy movement on?

The Democrats own this issue? You must have gotten your talking points faxed directly to the house.
It's the old pattern: Frame the issue in a way that allows you to blame the other side.
But whatever you do, don't discuss how this "issue" really started. That would get the wrong people in trouble and we don't want that.
The reason we're closing in on 15 trillion in debt, and the reason the world economy is teetering near the abyss, is because there's some people in a park. Got it.

The violent anarchist types are the living embodiment of the man Guy Fawlkes, whom I think none of us could support. He was a real terrorist.

A tangent, but an interesting one, I think.

Derivative instruments, I think we almost all agree, are a big part of the financial games played which caused so much of the mess we borrowed so much money to fix.

Lets all use the ",,,way back..." machine to journey 5 years back, to the heyday of carbon cap and trade ideas and the concept of "trading" carbon emission "rights".

Am I the only one seeing the same bu**sh** "nothing" having the potential of becoming yet another version of "derivatives" scam.

Whether its doctored up mortgage paper or "Carbon paper" the group running the unregulated gambilng operation called "Wall Street" had a scam a minute in the pipeline.

Why isn't Jon Corzine in jail for securities fraud?

There's lots of mentally ill people in the world, More & more everyday. Pressure distorts judgement, too. Youth can easily be misguided. Hey, isn't that what the ivy league is all about? Thank goodness they're not 100% successful.

But, don't overlook professional agents provacateurs. Many a law enforcement career was built on those. They are also elemental mercenary instruments of the 1%'s paramilitary defense systems well-entrenched in this country. There's fear on all sides.

"Fear is the mother of violence." -- Jill Gabriel

peter gabriel ~ mother of violence ~ live, rockpalast 1978*

Walking the street with her naked feet
So full of rhythm but I can't find the beat
Snapping her heels clicking her toes
Everybody knows just where she goes

Fear, fear -- she's the mother of violence
making me tense to watch the way she breed
Fear, she's the mother of violence
you know self-defense is all you need
it's getting hard to breathe
It's getting so hard to believe
to believe in anything at all

Mouth all dry eyes blood shot
data stored in microdot
Kicking the cloud with my moccasin shoes
T.V. dinner, T.V. news

Fear, fear -- she's the mother of violence
don't make any sense to watch the way she breed
Fear, she's the mother of violence
making me tense to watch the way she feed
The only way you know she's there
Is the subtle flavour in the air
Getting hard to breathe
hard to believe in anything at all
but fear

* Peter Gabriel - Rockpalast 1978 (full show)

If only the newspapers and police would ignore them!

Everything has a shelf life.
Occupy everywhere should declare victory and go home.

My favorite is the lady up in Alaska who posted her picture with her dogs and her sign that read "Occupy the Tundra".
Maybe I will just "occupy my back yard". I am already banking with a local bank.

Good call, Nonny Mouse:

A carbon credit is most certainly a commodity contract (an allowance to emit a ton of carbon); I'm not sure if it constitutes a derivative, as the term "Derivative" indicates that it has no independent value. I have a hard time thinking of the right to pollute as a commodity, but I guess it's no different than a wheat contract offering the right to bake bread.

Clearly, the creation of an exchange for trading carbon allowances would permit the development of derivatives on the underlying commodity (carbon allowances).

Here's a firm that brags about being the first to create such derivatives:

And if you believe (or suspect) Occupy-R-Us is only leftists, (whereas it is NOT a left/right Democrat/Republican thing, and it IS a protest against prevelant immoral lawbreaking banksters-&-financiers and against their bribed coerced corrupted enablers falsely holding seats of authority with 'Official' guise in Federal and State Government and particularly in the perverted Judiciary, Supreme Court, and rotten-core Dept.o'Justice suppressing prosecution of traitorous high crimes and white-collar racketeering but fabricating vicious persecutions and captive tortures of 'political' prisoners), and if you believe destitute passive Occupiers vandalized those bank fronts,
then you likely also believe the falsehood that Govt agents are stupidly incompetent instead of vilely corrupt,
and also believe the falsehood that everywhere and next-door to you are fearsome terrorist sleeper-cells,
and also believe the falsehood that good humankind and stalwart Americans hate America's constitutional democracy for its freedoms,
and also believe the falsehood that Obama is a left-leaning and -loving Democrat,
and also believe the falsehood that overmuch violent militarist indoctrination protects our freedoms,
and also believe the falsehoods that Iraq had WMDs and Iran intends to acquire some to attack us,
and also believe the falsehood that a solitary psycho mailed deadly anthrax letters to Congressional leaders opposing the PATRIOT Act and to influential celebrity TV broadcasters,
and also believe the falsehood that suicidal on-board hijackers flew planes into infamy for Nine Eleven Op,
and also believe the falsehood that three towering skyscrapers in NYC that day all 'pancaked' under force of gravity,
and also believe the falsehood that Bush/Cheney was rightly and duly elected,
and also believe the falsehood that G.H.W.Bush was 'out of the loop' uncomplicit in selling missiles to Iran for money to pay USA-mercenary death squads butchering Central and South Americans,
and also believe the falsehood that Reagan was sensible and in command while in the White House,
and also believe the falsehood that HIV/AIDS inception was a natural spontaneous occurrence unconsequent of USA germ-warfare labs in Angola,
and also believe the falsehood that Carter incompetently presided,
and also believe the falsehood that Ford competently presided,
and also believe the falsehood that Nixon was legally and morally pardonable,
and also believe the falsehood that a N.Vietnam patrol boat fired a shot in the Gulf of Tonkin,
and also believe the falsehood that communist-driven Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole psycho gunman in Dallas,
and also believe the falsehood that communists started the Reichstag fire,
and also believe the falsehood that communist-bent leftists bombed the Palmer House,
and also believe the falsehood that the Federal Reserve is a legitimately public-owned and -controlled part of the USGovernment,
and you are also likely to believe the mind-numbing falsehoods in every word broadcast by LarsLarson, Rash Lamebrain, RupertMurdoch/RogerAiles' FOXNews and all the plagiarizing massmedia copycat ditto'ditto' imitators of them,
and to believe what you read in the paper.

If you believe (or suspect) an agent in the 99% Occupiers damaged the bank fronts, then you are unlikely to believe or, indeed, must refuse to acknowledge data in history's timeline, of demonic moments within USAbsolute power absolutely corrupt, and in superpower supercorrupting of human nature, showing now that this planet's petroleum resevoirs are deeply depleted, largely gone, and this planet's skin-thin atmosphere is blotched in extent and contaminated to such saturation as conduces chaos behavior, irremedial of by and for the future generations of humankind.

It's not about brick-and-mortar bank windows revealing transparently empty vaults. For the 99% both left- and right-tending who Occupy America, and the world:
It's the economy, stupid.

We can do our best to arrest the criminal culprits in their immorality. However, and anyway, now we have to reform and rebuild our remaining resources and money in-trade.

It is well enough that the people of this nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. - Henry Ford
cite 'Banking Laid Bare' by Steven Hager, ref.:

In my email today, with apology to Source unknown:

A hooded robber burst into a Wisconsin bank and forced the tellers to load a sack full of cash.

On his way out the door, a brave Wisconsin customer grabbed the hood and pulled it off, revealing the robber's face. The robber shot the customer without a moment's hesitation.

He then looked around the bank and noticed one of the tellers looking straight at him. The robber instantly shot him also. Everyone in the bank, by now very scared, looked intently down at the floor in silence.

The robber yelled, "Well, did anyone else see my face?"

There are a few moments of utter silence in which everyone was plainly too afraid to speak.

Then, one old Norwegian named Ole from Wisconsin tentatively raised his hand and said, "My wife got a pretty good look at you ...."



You put the "gibber" in gibberish.


It's the old pattern...

It sure is - you put the "straw" in the straw men.

And who was Terry Schrunk, whose name this Occupied plaza bears? Here's a start:

"Terry Doyle Schrunk (March 10, 1913 – March 4, 1975) was an American politician who served as the mayor for the city of Portland, Oregon, from 1957–1973, a length tying George Luis Baker who also served 17 years (1917–1933). Prior to becoming mayor, he had been the sheriff of Multnomah County since 1949. In his 1956 campaign for mayor, he advocated for urban renewal. Schrunk beat incumbent Fred L. Peterson by 17,000 votes in a nine-person primary, but did not get an absolute majority, and then beat Peterson in the fall run-off election.

In mid-twentieth-century Portland, gambling dens, brothels, and unlicensed bars operated virtually uninhibited by police as long as vice racketeers paid scheduled kickbacks to key city law enforcement officials.

Schrunck [sic] was elected mayor with Teamsters union support, allegedly in part because the incumbent Republican Mayor, Fred Peterson offended the union when he wouldn't oust Police chief J. Bardell Purcell. The Teamsters felt that Purcell impeded their drive to open a wider vice business in Portland.

An allegation against Mayor Schrunk soon landed him before the special Senate committee headed by Arkansas Democrat John McClellan investigating U.S. labor racketeering in March 1957. While still sheriff in September 1955, Schrunk and his deputies had raided the 8212 Club, a gambling and after-hours drinking joint financed by Portland Racketeer James B. Elkins. Elkins testified that the manager, Clifford Bennett, told him he had paid Schrunk $500, and the sheriff had gone away without causing any more trouble—except for arresting a few drunks. Although Bennett refused to testify, several others confirmed pieces of the story. Schrunk flatly denied having taken bribes from Bennett. But he did admit that his deputies had raided the 8212 Club, seen liquor being illegally served after hours, spotted gambling equipment all over the place—and that he had gone away without taking further action.

Robert Kennedy, then the lead attorney for the Senate committee, came to Portland to testify against him. Jurors acquitted Schrunk in less than two hours.

Three years later, Kennedy was managing his brother, Senator John F. Kennedy's, presidential campaign, with Oregon one of seven primaries that JFK entered. Kennedy's pursuit of Schrunk had angered enough Oregon Democrats that some of JFK's key supporters persuaded Kennedy operative Joseph S. Miller to ask Senator Kennedy to keep his younger brother out of Oregon. Although JFK largely accepted the advice, Miller's bluntness angered both brothers. Continued resentment by Schrunk and his supporters was seen as a contributing factor to Robert Kennedy losing the Oregon Democratic Primary to Eugene McCarthy in May 1968.

Schrunk suffered a heart attack in October 1972 while at City Hall and was taken to the hospital where he survived."

Tenskwatawa | November 6, 2011 12:41 PM

Take a deep breath and back away from the keyboard.

Oh God, the Tenskwatawa is at it again. It was such a breath of fresh air without him. Or her.

I supported this movement originally but what has happened, because of the terrible problems in downtown portland, I thought, and have been proved right that the mentally ill, homeless, Traveler population has taken over the movement. Why wouldn't they? If you were homeless, destitute, with animals your only friends and you could get food, shelter, some medical treatment - uh, why wouldn't you?

I would!

It's a muddle, and that is the best thing that can be said about it. When the 60's protests were fomenting, we did not have a global economy. I do not believe that there is a good understanding (I sign up first) about how to take on this crisis and so they do what they can...

Oh where is Phil Stanford when we need him?!
The city of Portland's "government" is corrupt, incompetent,, unmanageable and as crooked as it has ever been.
The inmates have truly taken over the asylum. Today on the BBC news web page is an article and video of "Zoo Bombing". We are now known world wide as the city where adults on little tiny bikes race down hills.
The end is near!

Do you think BofA has already given the names of everyone who closed their accounts this week to the FBI?


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