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Friday, November 4, 2011

No meetings, just chainsaws

The City of Portland is crowing about the national award that its park system won this week, but in the outer northeast part of town, the neighbors are apparently in quite an uproar about what the bureaucrats and their crews are doing to set up a "hybrid" park and natural area. Apparently the first thing they do to get "natural" is cut down the trees.

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As we've already seen around other parts of town, whenever the city "improves" an area, that usually means transforming something real into an artist's rendering. And artist's renderings never have trees, they have nursery saplings.

they removed english holly trees. they are noxious weeds in the pacific NW, and any attept at returning an area to a natural state would normally involve removing them.

My sympathy for the neighbors.

Apparently was a negative change in the landscape
and then having a negative process and treatment as well is difficult to take.

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