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Friday, November 11, 2011

Mystery nuke cloud over Europe

That safe, clean, cheap nuclear power is at it again.

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Is this going to be an ongoing occurrence, more problems popping up around the world with the nuclear power?

How many of these plants are outdated, or were knowingly placed in sites that were questionable then, but "just taking chances" that all would end up OK?

Y☢u kn☢w, if y☢u ☢verl☢☢k certain min☢r issues Japan is a pretty nice destinati☢n.

As of Wednesday, 16 November:

"'We should have an answer by the middle of next week,' [Didier] Champion said, ruling out the suggestion that the leak could be from a nuclear power plant."

"'Authorities from the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, France and Poland have continued to measure very low levels of iodine-131 in their respective atmospheres in recent days,' the IAEA said in a statement.
'The levels of iodine-131 currently being detected are extremely low.'

It said that if a person were to breathe in the levels for a whole year, they would receive an annual radiation dose of less than 0.1 microsieverts. In comparison, average annual background radiation is 2,400 microsieverts a year, it said."

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