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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lariviere had an official "mentor"

The controversial U of O president was hired with the understanding that he would need a "mentor," according to Mark Zusman in Willy Week. Wonder who that was supposed to be -- Dave Frohnmayer? Chip Kelly? Mike Burton?

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Sam Adams?

In many ways Richard is a lucky guy. If I am ever fired from a job I hope there are "large public protests" and "throngs of supporters" turning out for me.

Cylvia Hayes.

I wonder what they ment.

Maybe the chancellor was suppose to ment him as part of his chancelling duties.

They could either fire the guy or use the same determination and imagination to improve the rest of the system.

Lesson to students:
1. Making the boss look good is more important that doing the job you are paid for.
2. It's even worse when you are right and the boss is wrong.

Doesn't the City of Portland have mentors available that it can lend to Dr. Lariviere?

And vandalism?

My impression is that Lariviere was a pompous ass who wanted to turn UofO into another OHSU/quasi institution where he would be king.
He was using raises to buy support from the staff and acting like he was at the top of the entire OUS hierarchy.

Secret Mentor? Now that's a joke.

The fact that they won't say who it was means it would be problematic to say who it was.

Why has there been protesting of the firing?

Unanimously fired. Lost everybody's vote. Ouch!

Last week Ricky could have gone quietly, asking to not renew his 12 month contract, because blah blah blah (spend time with family, pursue other options, finished his transformation at UofO).

Now every prospective employer will know just how much of a prickly prima donna he really is, instead of left wondering and guessing.

Oh well, he only has one person to blame. Who might that be? Everybody else, of course!

They hired the guy knowing he had failings severe enough he needed mentoring ?

Are we sure the right guy is being fired here ?
Shouldn't it be the people who hired him in the first place ?

Mentor - Dean Van Wormer (Animal House)

Gee what a shock. Someone who doesn't kiss every a** above him pissing off people.

Next time he should just call Neil G and ask him what to do.

Yes Ben, vandalism. If I am ever fired you have my permission to organize a protest and vandalize the city on my behalf.

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