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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitzhaber to U of O: Drop dead

The Guv confirms for the university president how it's supposed to work: You do as the Goldschmidt people say, or you're fired.

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"In my opinion, should the Board of Higher Education decide to terminate Dr. Lariviere's contract on this basis, it would be fully justified from an executive management standpoint. Any private sector CEO, faced with a division manager who was totally dedicated to his or her specific department but willfully and repeatedly undermined the needs and goals of the overall company would, I expect, fire the manager – and probably after the first instance of such behavior; not the second. And few would be sympathetic to a call for special treatment."

Interesting that the ex-ER Doctor/ex-Senate President/ex-Governor/current-Governor with zero business experience, would use such an analogy as he did.

Regardless, Ricky can spin it many ways, but "does not suffer fools" or "does not play well with others" is now part of his own resume.

Come now. Whatever you think about this decision, you need to get basic facts straight. Only two of the current members of the Board of Higher Education have any significant connection to Neil Goldschmidt.

"significant connection?" You're creeping me out. But name names, and paint a picture for us, OK?

Damn Kitz. Why don't you tell us how you really feel?

The Goldschmidt crew still runs OHSU, the Port, the state university system, Tri-Met, the gas company, Blumenauer, Beaverton "urban renewal"... the list is long. Kulongoski carried water for them, and Kitzhaber is no different. It will take decades for the Neilster's dirty hand to stop pulling strings.

The only members of the Board of Higher Ed who have worked for or with Neil Goldschmidt, been appointed by him to public positions or been major contributors (based solely on my recollection--I didn't check the records) are Dave Yaden and Allyn Ford. I'm not taking any position on this situation, but blanket statements that the Board is somehow associated with Neil are wrong.

Meanwhile, the City of Eugene considers a quiet plan to let UO buy Moss Street and close it for a Nike arena parking lot. The public record about this will be open for about ten more days while the mayor and city council decide whether to approve this sale to UO. During his short time as OUS chair Goldschmidt helped purchase a Moss Street home for the UO (to demolish for future parking). Funny how the details of what is really going on at UO are almost always left out of the "news". Moss Street has even been considered for nanotechnology research facilities (by UO nerds in the past). Anyway, media was informed about the new proposed Moss transaction but there does seem to be a organized blackout of any news mentioning this issue. The outcome is subject to appeal to LUBA.

Kitz 2.0 is just Kitz 1.0 in a gray UI. Self-important and arrogant as ever. Recall, anyone?

blanket statements that the Board is somehow associated with Neil are wrong.

Kitzhaber, like Kulongoski before him, answered to Neil and owes his career to him. Pernsteiner is one of dozens of under-qualified Goldschmidt appointments. It will take years to get the Neil smell off any board in this state, and particularly off the chancellor's office.

I'm still unclear on why Larivier must go. And, assuming that it's a Goldschmidt-dominated state board, why they want him gone so bad. What threat does he pose?

This is a big f*** you by Kitzhaber, the chancellor (who I guess felt he had to prove he was chancelling) and the OUS Board to the tuition-paying students and their parents (otherwise known as customers) at U of O. Kitzhaber likens this to firing a division manager who isn't following corporate orders. In a sense, he's right. The "division manager" was trying to make a better product for his customers. Don't be surprised when the customers start shopping somewhere else.

When appointed board menbers demand that their rings be kissed, the death spiril in that organization has already begun.

Why is anyone surprised at the end result of one-party rule?

Kitzhaber is the dictator of this state and in his view we dumb-ass proles don't know any better so it'd be best if we just shut the flock up and sat the flock down.

Just get in line, throw your right arm out with the palm downwards and praise our mustached Leader, who, clearly, is feeling his Germanic oats.

Dr. Lariviere will, no doubt, be dismissed for failure to remain in lockstep with The Party, and, if Herr Kitzhaber, Oregon's Glorious Leader, had his way, Lariviere would be bundled off to a Reeducation Camp.

So he get dismissed from his job and he can go back to ranks of faculty with comfortable salary and tenure and wait until something else appears on his radar.

University President is in the political jungle and when you hunt big game - you better have the correct ammunition and weapon. He didn't and the beast got him.

Maybe there's to some degree the Penn State effect going on here, i.e., where university boards generally pull the reins in when there's a football program that has gotten so powerful that it's beyond control.

Hurrah for Kitzhaber and the Board. We have a system of Higher Ed in this state of which UO is supposed to be a part. If UO wants to go private let them and let Phil Knight pay for it. Dragging out a Goldshmidt based conspiracy as a means to support the hegemony of UO over the rest of the the state system is pure balderdash!

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