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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Kellie Johnson: in or out?

Last night, we published an e-mail message that a reader had forwarded us, supposedly from Multnomah County DA candidate Kellie Johnson, saying she was dropping out of the race. It's a full day later, and there has been nothing but crickets from the local mainstream media. Was the message fake? Has it been retracted? Has Johnson decided to emulate Portland Police Chief Mike Reese -- one minute he's running for office, then he isn't, then he might be?

Maybe this blog has become such a news source of record that our reporting something here means that no one need confirm it. We doubt that anybody thinks that, and if they did, they'd be mistaken.

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Don't underestimate your influence.

She's out - she sent an email to the Oregon Women Lawyer's listserve (the only organization/agency that supported her) announcing her withdrawal.

My guess is that she has bigger plans. Like AG. A scary thought.

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