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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heads roll at Oregon "lottery" agency

Apparently, it's for the children. But who knows? Gambling operations are typically so shady, the reason could be something else.

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Can we assume the State is busy preparing three more lucrative Consulting positions somewhere?

How else can they keep the three bag holders from spilling their guts?

Speaking of "for the children," the lottery online site would undoubtedly have drawn a few of them into the gambling habit/addiction.

Funny. Gambling mongers with a code of ethics. Here's another one from today's news, for a double-down:

Franco Harris stands by his old coach, and loses his new job

I wonder how much the three managers were paid to leave. It seems unlikely they all resigned at once without receiving any financial incentives.

Yeah, what are the odds of that?

Dedicated to The Lotto BB:

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