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Friday, November 18, 2011

And now, a moment of high drama

Watch this, and live your own life accordingly.

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Something about William Shatner, just listening to him read the phone book would break me into hysterics.

To go....where no man has gone before....into the hot oil?

Wow - just another example of why government needs to look out for you. There are SO MANY things wrong here, let's see, we can start with deep frying, as we all know that is unhealthy. Then you are eating meat, we need to continue to educate the public till they realize that eating meat is unhealthy. Of course, the cruelty to the turkey when it was killed (PETA on the way). Let alone the horror of cooking the turkey in an unsafe way (placing it in a hot vat of oil with too much oil in the container) in an unsafe place (porch or deck rather than concrete pad out in the yard). Yup, can't trust the public, just like plastic bags, y'all make the wrong choices so WE (the government) will make it for you. We need to make deep frying turkeys illegal - why not, we do it to everything else that someone thinks is inappropriate or wrong (in their opinion).

I loved this "heads up" and give Kudos to State Farm and Captain Kirk for reminding us about fire danger. The last turkey fry recipes I looked at had Number 1) "Don't drink and Fry"

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