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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why not an Adams Recall 3.0?

Rather than let Portland's lame duck mayor throw his weight around any more, why not recall him? It's not the teenage boy in the bathroom and the lying any more -- it's just the mismanagement and the arrogance. Two of his major bureaus, police and transportation, are under federal investigation. His third fiefdom, management and finance, has been called out by the city auditor for going overboard with debt. Make those the grounds for shipping His Creepiness out early, and you'd probably get rid of the leaf tax, the Northwest parking meters, the $60 fee to park in front of your own house, the Lake Oswego streetcar, the SoWhat immigration jail, and so much other bad, bad stuff.

He hasn't gotten any better in the last year and a half. He's gotten worse, and the prognosis for the next 15 months is really atrocious.

And unlike last time, now we've got at least two viable replacements for him, who are ready to go. You might be able to get one of them into office a little ahead of schedule. But even if the mayor's office sat vacant for a while, that would stop a lot of the insanity until a more reasonable person was installed in the office.

It would take some grownups to make a recall work, that's for sure -- people who wouldn't step up the other two times. No more fringe characters out in front. Come on, Northwest Portland business people and drivers. Come on, leaf tax victims. Come on, streetcar opponents. Come on, SoWhat jail neighbors. Come on, Corbett Avenue. Put up some money before this guy wrecks you in the ample time he has left to screw things up further. Give him the bouncing he's asking for. Third time's a charm.

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I certainly think it would be the appropriate way to wrap up his disasterous term. He shouldnt be allowed to just slink away, he deserves to be humiliated with a recall.

The majority of people in Portland just do not want to make ANY effort that requires them come out of their little comfort zone no matter what the benefit. Recall 2.0 --the money never materialized and it will not at this point.

Put Leonard on the same ballot.

While it would be very entertaining and a great relief if successful, let's be adults ourselves and say it would be a waste of time, money, political capital and civic energy. It would also save the agony of potential defeat. How about we just wait a little while longer? He can make lots of noise now, but "accomplish" very little. Patience.

Please, someone please come and take all these boxes of signed petitions out of my basement. I almost lit a bonfire with them when Adams announced he would not run in 2012. But I held back, knowing that someone like him could always "change his mind."

If a whole lot of businesses in Portland agreed to serve as signing stations, and everyone in Portland heard where their local signing station was, it might get done. The other option would be many, many paid signature gatherers.

Both options require quite a lot of money.
Like, 100K. Good luck, in this economy, with coming up with 100K from anyone.

Yes teressa, you have a point - happithy still reigns in portlandia.
However, it sure would balance out that resume he's scammed so hard to flesh out.
Imagine him @ his next interview trying to blame the homophobes for being the most detached, vacuous, self-serving, attention seeking, debt producing, bizzkill mayor in recent Portland history.
It's not hard to envision him in some dive on SW Washington 20 years from now slobbering over a Sam Adams " but Kyle MacLachlan played ME on tv".

I'll hold my sign up one more time - the same one I held @ City Hall:

ADAMS = Dick Cheney dressed up in a queer suit.

I'm not sure if that's an insult to Mr. Adams or Mr. Cheney?

msmith--the vision you paint of creepy should in some small way, if not already, extend to those on the current council. A "mental health" nurse who refused to stand by a young man struggling with issues that the mental health community still labeled a mental illness into the late 70's/early 80's. The continued decisions made by this council that in large measure take away from our support for our schools. Leonard with his capricious spending of water bureau funds. Fish with his do nothing stance on issues that start with his own housing bureau. Saltzman with his detachment and lack of understanding of how families work in the real world of Portland and the realities of this economy.

So far as I can tell, Mr. Grumpy, Sam's never shot a man in the face while drunk and then made him apologize for getting in the way. However, it's amazing what can happen in a mere 15 months.

The problem is he has a "D" behind his name, and we they won't police their own.

If anyone in this town could successfully pull off a recall, it would be you, Jack!

Unfortunately it takes a LOT of signatures.

On the other hand, Sam the Scam has gotten infinitely worse on pursuing his pet agenda since becoming a lame duck. I suspect it's so he can land softly into some sinecure at the Q Center or with some Solyndra-esque "green" company.

Well Jack, the $100 thousand that might be needed for paid signature gatherers and such could probably be raised partially by this blog. And the rest by all the businesses/developers/consultants that ARE NOT on SamRands shortlist of "partners" like Edlen, Homer, Evans, Cogan, Walsh, IKEA....

We all need to be in on the action of Portland's Ponzi scheme.

Yes, Jack is in charge of the recall! I hope you do better than the good citizens of Wasilla did in their effort to oust Sarah Palin...

Putting Sam back into the glare of the spotlight and making this next year in Portland all about him? I don't get it. Why would you want to give him exactly what he wants?

You really think the laundry list of problems you've got with the mayor is going to be as effective as the sex scandal was to oust the guy? Even that didn't work twice. Do you know many regular non-axe-grinding and non-bird-placing Portlanders?

I'd love to see you go ahead though. The idea that you might pay up and work so hard just to get someone that will more effectively make you miserable like Hales in sooner is kind of fun to toy with.

While it would be very entertaining and a great relief if successful, let's be adults ourselves and say it would be a waste of time, money, political capital and civic energy. It would also save the agony of potential defeat. How about we just wait a little while longer? He can make lots of noise now, but "accomplish" very little. Patience.

Are you kidding? SamRand twins are not lame ducks...they will “accomplish” ever so much more damage as they put finishing touches on projects harmful to our community. They are not stopping the debt swamping. They have made fools of adults in city council hearings. They have abused the codes as if they can do whatever they damn well please. They have not been good stewards of our city’s finances or assets such as our good Bull Run water system or Hayden Island.

I say let us act like adults of a community and stand up for it. Enough is enough. Doing nothing in response other than complaining is like hovering like battered little helpless children wondering week after week what abusive step they will take next?

I think a recall petition on Adams AND Leonard would have people not walking but running to sign now. The timing may be right as people are seeing more clearly what they are up to. Remember, people were reluctant to sign the Adams recall petition because they were concerned that Leonard would step in as Mayor...and others were concerned about retaliation.
Well they are on their way out; I don't think we should let them skate out as they intend to do more damage before they leave.

We cannot afford 15 months of patience, while they floor down on the gas pedal on perks to the ones that pull their strings.

We may have to seriously consider this OR take some kind of legal action on matters. At least it would be pro active rather than another 15 months of feeling like sitting ducks with continual crazy deals and more debt. It would also alert the other three that they may be next, and who knows, whoever decides to run with this might consider recalling more that have not been working for the public. So,I am just throwing out ideas here for conversation.

Who has details here, timeline if the citizens and businesses really would participate this time, how soon could they be ousted? 15 months is a long time, and what damage they do will be irreversible.

You can collect money and organize all you want before you "officially" establish a Recall PAC; once a recall is filed with the SOS it starts the 90 day count down to get the 32,000+VALID signatures. Try collecting money from people ahead of time when there is no PAC formed. Most people with little money are far more trusting (Recall 1.0) than those with all the "big" bucks (Recall 2.0). Trying to get the large donors to understand this would detract from whomever they are throwing their dollars at this election cycle.... Recall 2.0 the large donors were all trying to defeat measures 66 and 67.

I have far better idea.

Gather up all this anger, energy and money & elect Mayor Jack Bogdanski in May with 50% +1.

Jack will simply have to relent, take a professor sabbatical and do what he must, for his city.

After he saves the city he can return to the leisure life Of Professor Bojack.

All that is needed is an exploratory committee to help Jack finalize his decision.

It's well past time to take resistance and criticism to attack mode.

I'll bet countless people will have a sigh of relief and think, finally someone we can get behind who will actually do something.

Ben, good idea.
I think Jack's poker party must have discussed these ideas-recalls, legal fund, garbage pail demos, you name it. I'm in, no matter how the whiff blows. Trump, call you, or whatever.

The poker crew is apolitical, at least locally. Those guys are smart enough to just make money and not sweat over what Portland is doing to itself.

Jack, why those scoundrels! Making money and no interest in their means of acquiring it? They might want to watch their backs.

I'm a think'n that http://occupyportland.org/
will have many people that would sign a petition to get both Sam and Randy out.... you would not need the monies for petitions...
Just go onto this blog and open a dialog. This is what could work... All the Grown Ups would understand the problems and have some solutions... that is if the duck tape and tarps are effective!

I propose Sam have one more term... A long one in jail.

I fear the fable about the chickens coming home will apply to Portland, rather than Sam/rand.

class clown,
I am hoping then that people power will have more sway this time than money power.
The insider agenda has gone on waaaay too long.

Whether national or local, the public
ALWAYS get the politicians they deserve.

After two failed attempts to recall Adams, the second one led by people who by all accounts were serious political veterans, the key problem I see is that no matter how good the leadership, they can't stop the talk-radio demagogues and other ambitious right-wingers from jumping in front of them to advance their own careers - the greater political consequences be damned. So instead of being a referendum on Adams, the campaign instead becomes a popularity contest between Adams and the likes of Lars Larson. No matter how despised Adams becomes among the city's liberal/progressive supermajority, that's one matchup he will always win.

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