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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The movement's really crystallizing now

A Pink Martini concert and speeches by Earl the Pearl, Peter DeFazio, Rabbi Manny Rose, and the head of the state AFL-CIO. Wow -- how revolutionary. What next -- a poetry reading by Neil Goldschmidt? A sponsorship by Safeway?

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Probably not Safeway, but maybe New Seasons?

Don't the majority of those speakers have household incomes that put them in the fabled top 1%?

Portland Indymedia reported that "Congressman Earl Blumenauer mercilessly heckled at Occupy Portland rally".

Is this true?

Is there video?


Perhaps I'm projecting my opinions onto others, Disgusted, but I don't believe the main issue is simply about wealthy people (don't eat the rich, they're way too fatty) but about what some of them do with their money and how they made it.

Capitalism can fund and grow great innovations and industries. But through "naked shorting" and derivatives and unethical behavior it can sabotage as well. If you're betting and stand to make money if a business fails you are going to take action to make it happen. Analysts hold short positions then badmouth and spin the numbers. CEOs maneuver their businesses for the benefit of their personal stock options, certainly not the customers and never the employees and not the American economy either. No loyalty to town or country. Long term growth? That's the next guy's problem. Throwing a game or taking a dive for a few buck is not unheard of. But when the bookie poisons the race horse to change the odds....

Some parts of the Wall Street establishment and their ilk destroy -- not create -- to make a buck. Remember the two local Portland PGE/Enron traders cheering for the wildfire to destroy the electrical transmission line so their futures would rise in value?


Yes, some of the folks in the Occupy movement smell bad. But those who profit by destroying my community, my country, and my world are the truly repugnant ones.

Addendum: Audio and a CV for those who are too young or have a bad memory



Oh, the Oregonian's story at the time about the big commercial shredder trucks at the PGE World Trade Center in Portland are not in their archives. How convenient.

As the movement gains attention and popularity it is inevitable that there will be pilers-on, such as Bow-Tie, who wish to polish their supposed progressive credentials. As I understand it, this event was put on by Pink Martini to show support for OWS, and the occupiers were none too pleased that the likes of Blumenauer, et al were given the opportunity to speak.

With such a diverse, leaderless group as OWS, it will be difficult to fend off some attempts to co-opt their momentum by those who would do so for their own political gain.

Old Zeb's conspiracy theories are entertaining, but understand the likes of Blumenaer, Defazio and the public unions have been spending us into this mess for DECADES.

Yep, old down and out bow tie only worth $2.143 MM


It is disgusting the pols who are part of the problem try to steal the thunder , but
thanks to pdxjim's research we can demand Bowtie fund his own campaign next time....

All congress critters make $165K, if their spouse works, then their family income is $200K!

They be the 1%!

Leaving's right ... it's all the fault of the unions and the Democrats. Republicans would never be so foolish as to simultaneously start two costly overseas wars and cut taxes at the same time.

Bowtie needs to follow his passion, become a lobbyist for the rails or bikes. . .
so hopefully we can get someone in Congress who will represent and do positive for the people.

I would like nothing better than for Blumenauer to return to his home-grounds, be made to live there for a good year - would minimum wage be too tough? - to bike around his old neighborhood to see the changes and be made to use that Max light rail as his form of transportation.

Come to think of it, would be a scenario I would like for most of Congress to do for a year, return to their areas, etc.
One can dream, I guess.

Re: "All congress critters make $165K, if their spouse works, then their family income is $200K!"


Salary is only part of potential income. Last time I checked, members of Congress were exempt from insider trading restrictions:

Staffers for members of Congress also enjoy this profitable exemption:

"Unlike many Executive Branch employees, lawmakers and aides don't have restrictions on their stock holdings and ownership interests in companies they oversee. Congressional rules say that requiring employees to do so could 'insulate a legislator from the personal and economic interests that his or her constituency, or society in general, has in governmental decisions and policy.'"

"A few lawmakers proposed a bill that would prevent members and employees of Congress from trading securities based on nonpublic information they obtain. The legislation has languished since 2006."

Mr Blumenauer is not mentioned among those "few lawmakers."

We also have to consider Bowtie's retirement account. Retirement accountants and medical coverage that may be attached to them are becoming a more realistic way of measuring wealth. For Bowtie add on over another $2 Million if he is kicked out or leaves office.

Okay, now we have a real bean counter amongst us... Way to go lw!

If you monetize people's retirement accounts (which represent real asset value), then don't forget the union folks, especially the teachers, who are always "for the children"!

How much value is there in a defined benefit retirement plan for a Tier One retiree who has just retired at 55 yrs old, after 30 yrs, at $68K ( not including benefits)? If they live another 30 yrs, till the ripe old age of 85 yrs of age, what is that retirement package worth? Don't forget to calculate the COLA!

Well over $1million, maybe close to $2M, correct?

For the children.... Our teachers, who are always "for the children", are part of the 1%!

Way to go Harry!

To bad none in the mentioned groups have the critical think skills to even comprehend what you expose. They still believe they are amongst the poor and oppressed!

As the movement gains attention and popularity it is inevitable that there will be pilers-on, such as Bow-Tie, who wish to polish their supposed progressive credentials.

The Portland crowd are all "pilers on" to the original group.
They are the same collection of unwashed weirdos that always protest here.

Like I said, considering only someone's wages is only a small part of enumeration, especially with Bowtie.

When he's out of Congress he'll get $174,000 per year (at today's rate) for life. That is equivalent to an annuity of $3.2 Million paying out for 25 years at 3% annual gain. How many of us have that on top of all the other benenfits, plus wages?

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