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Friday, October 21, 2011

Super Carole releases a hostage

Remember when the Portland school board told us that if we didn't pass the outrageously oversized school tax bond measure, there'd be no money to rebuild Marysville School? Not only were the school district bureaucrats illegally using public money to deliver that political message, but now it's quite clear that the message was false. Intentionally false and misleading. There was money around all along to rebuild the school.

As late as last month, they were saying that new taxes would be needed to rebuild Marysville. There's something seriously wrong over there.

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Jack: You also should have linked to your best post you ever wrote on this blog. You posted it on May 18, 2011. It is titled, "To all the bummed-out Portland public school parents".

I urge everyone to go back and read this again.

P.T. Barnum supposedly said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time."
Who, however, said, "You can fool too many of the people too much of the time"?


The quote was incomplete. It should be "There's not enough money to rebuild this old pig of a building into a modern, shining educational institution, so we can give our contractor an open ended deal to jack up his costs."

Really, with empty schools nearby, does PPS really need this one?

They don't need a shiny new school because the way political ideology and social engineering are headed in this town, eventually children will probably be openly unwelcome. Like the bridges they don't want to replace, this way they can just let them fall down and just leave things that way.

"We Build Green Cities"

This is in response to more information from Jack's Wednesday blog about "Super Carole". I did attend the Tax Supervising and Conservation Commission meeting yesterday; which is an all volunteer citizen's committee. I have a promise of a meeting with the TSCC Director sometime next week to look at whatever protocol they have used in the past for filing under ORS 294.100. Would like some input from others that would be willing and productive to work with on this. Carole Smith has paid her $75 fine but the others were delaying until Tuesday.

David E Gilmore, I think it was good old Abe Lincoln who said that.

But Barnum had some good ones:

"There's a sucker born every minute."

"Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating the taste of the American public."

"Never give a sucker an even break."

All of which seem to fit here too.

As for Carole, I'm reading her as a zealot for what she believes in and wants (in this case it was the levy), and she was willing to say and do anything to get it, and she was petulant to the max when she didn't.

Lying around here by government officials has reached epic proportions.

It's bizarre how unethical so many of them are.

In Beaverton there is a school levy on the ballot along with a massive urban Renewal measure.

The school distirct is supporting the UR measure that will raid school funding and the city is telling voters the UR measure is free.

In Clackamas County the lies are too many to list. They are openly lying about everything.

The real reason that Marysville wasn't built/repaired on the adequate fire insurance money is that PPS and Carole wanted a Platinum LEED School.

Platinum LEED is costing from 20% to 30% more to build than an adequate structure that meets all building codes that have high energy conservation code requirements already built in.

And the administrative/planning costs for LEED buildings are in the 10% to 12% increased cost range.

All for the Children, huh?

I should of wrote "another reason" vs. "The real reason..."

Ben, I think the word must be going around that Portland area voters are as dumb as chickens, so it makes sense that every fox for miles around would wind up guarding the henhouse.

Now where would they get the idea that lying through your ass (yellow-cake uranium) will get you anywhere?

dumb as chickens

Chickens don't drown in a rain-storm.

Turkeys can, and will.

Now where would they get the idea that lying through your ass (yellow-cake uranium) will get you anywhere?

How rude!

New astroturf at Lincoln HS was in that failed levy, too. I loved the way they -- you couldn't call it "finessed" because it was so glaringly phony -- got the existing astroturf "condemned" so that they were "forced" to replace it with new out of existing funds. The extravagant contempt for voters betrayed by that is just jaw-dropping.

Boycat, I think you're right on the first Barnum, but the succeeding quotes are, repectively and approximately (I think), H.L Mencken and W.C. Fields.

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