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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Super Carole gets straight A's

Let's see: Failed bond measure... election law violations... traumatic, failed school boundary changes... Marysville School hostage-taking... $700,000 a year for p.r. flacks... Perfect!

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Sounds like the board finally found the right superintendant... someone who doesn't resign in disgust and actually likes the kool-aid.

Portland keeps feeling more and more like a big Jonestown.

It's time to sell some "surplus" buildings to Homer Williams and Joe Weston. I'd say $1 sounds like a fair price.

Let's start with Lincoln High School. The kids today don't need no more edu-ca-shion, they are just gonna end up on the dole anyway.

Jack- If we eliminated the PR jobs, then the unemployment rate would go up.

But on the other hand, the Occupy Portland group would finally have somebody that could give them feel-good talking points...

Super Carole needs a $75,000 performance bonus, then she can retire with a monthly gross of 120% of her last paycheck.

Then she gets hired by Gov. Retread as a Senior Education policy advisor or she starts a consultancy on managing declining school enrollments. At which time PPS gives her a $1.2 million contract to endorse the strategy she previously withdrew under fire from parents.

Am I doing it right?

Maybe they'll classify this as "grade inflation"...????????????

O, 27 Oct, 5:30PM:

"Portland Public Schools Superintendent Carole Smith, the district's top lawyer and four other high-ranking employees each paid a $75 fine this week for breaking state elections law by giving voters biased information about a proposed school construction bond.

Two other district employees chose instead to request a hearing in front of an administrative judge to make the case that their actions were legal.

Smith, attorney Jollee Patterson, Chief Operating Officer C.J. Sylvester, Executive Director of Community Involvement Robb Cowie, school modernization director Sarah Schoening and Public Information Officer Matt Shelby all paid their fines with their own money."

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