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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Carole 'fesses up, pays up

Portland school superintendent Carole Smith and the chief operating officer of the school district, C.J. Sylvester, have both paid their $75 fines for illegally using public funds to promote the school tax bond ballot measure last spring. So reported Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown's office, which brought the charges, as of yesterday afternoon.

The other six school board employees fined in the election abuse case haven't paid or appealed yet. Their original deadline was more than a month ago, but they've managed to get extensions of the deadline to next Tuesday.

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The fine should be $7500.00.

Wow, a $75 fine. That's really going to deter them from doing THAT again!!

Perhaps a requirement to register as a power abuser?

When do we get a redo on the election?

I'm going to utter the most politically incorrect statement in America - there was a day when teachers were underpaid and under appreciated, I know and remember those times.

But it is no longer true, they make far more in benefits+vacation than most in the private sector.

Now that they have admitted guilt can we file the civil suit to make them repay the money they wasted ?

Tankfixer here is the citation you are referring to:


A portion of the citation: "On the demand in writing of 10 taxpayers of any municipal corporation with a population exceeding 100,000 inhabitants, filed with the tax supervising and conservation commission in the county in which the municipal corporation is situated, which demand sets forth that a public official has unlawfully expended public moneys in excess of the amount or for any other or different purpose than provided by law and that the expenditure constitutes malfeasance in office or willful or wanton neglect of duty, the tax supervising and conservation commission shall make an investigation of the facts as to the expenditure."

Not sure who makes up the "tax supervising and conservation commission in the county". Has someone already given this some thought and research?


Had time to do some research on the tax supervising and conservation commission. They have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow:

Thursday October 20, 2011
4:30 PM
TSCC Office
1120 SW 5th Avenue #1500
Portland Oregon

They only schedule meetings "as needed". This is the only meeting scheduled in the near future. I thought I might drop by and see if they have some sort of "mandatory documentation" for such a compliant. My only issue is needing to be at an appt at 5:30 in the Lloyd district.

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