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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saddlin' up for Bend

A couple of Portland city bureaucrats are reportedly vying for an assistant manager job at the City of Bend. Deputy Admiral Ty Kovatch and PDC honcho Keith Witcosky are in the running with three other people for the Central Oregon gig. A reunion with Opie Sten could be in the offing -- what an image. Maybe the winner of the position could find something for Jeffer-Sam Smith to do over there starting next summer.

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Ignorant and naïve it’s only the past 5 or so years that I’ve learned that local/regional gov is a circuit wherein the same folks make their careers moving from location to location being a gov worker or politician or “consultant”.

Shouldn’t have been surprising (I did the same kind of thing in private industry), but it was. I had an image of a staid, button down, local man who’d always been in his mid-40s sitting at whatever same gov job he’d had and would have for decades. Never thought of the word “operative” when thinking about them.

If we could just keep the "tentacles of Portland" contained in Portland - then some of us may be able to escape the "Sacrifice Zone" to other parts. Am afraid it may be too late, hope not.

I moved to Bend to get away from the crazyland of Portland. Lesseon learned? You can run but you cannot hide.

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