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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Portland cop tested quite drunk behind wheel

The officer who was busted in Pacific City for DUI and attempt to elude? He was reportedly at .137% blood alcohol four hours after they brought him in. Said he had had two beers at the Sportsmen's Bar. Uh huh. Four hours after he was stopped, he would probably have worn off three or four drinks. To still be at .137, he would have been quite drunk when he was driving.

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"Two beers." That's exactly what police advise NEVER to tell them when you're asked how much you've had to drink because then they know you're lying.

Drunk. Attempted to elude. Disturbing the peace. Making a false statement to a law enforcement officer ("two beers"). Leaving four children (ages 6-11) unsupervised.

Quite a bit here for the DA to sink their teeth into.

"I had two beers at the Sportsmen's Bar."

He just neglected to mention the four beers he had at the bar next door and the pint of whiskey he killed in the car.

And they let this guy (and others in the police department) stay on the force. And carry a gun when they are off duty. Where was his off duty gun? Back in the RV with the 4 children or was he wearing it?

Some people aren't meant to be police officers. (I know.)It should be easier, much easier to get these people out of the police department.

To have a .137 after four hours, you had to have about a 0.200 after your last drink and you would have needed about 8 ounces of 100 proof alcohol to do it.

Soo: http://www.csgnetwork.com/bloodalcolevelcalc.html

Dumb thing to do when you are responsible for children.

The only problem I have is the Deputy saw two people unfit to drive walking towards a vehicle. Current thinking is that's the time to intervene, to protect the public. Waiting for a person to operate the vehicle down a road is negligence at best. True you get better charges, but it is not public safety.

My next question was the wait for the BAC, but it looks like they had to get a judge up for the warrant. All in all, it sounds like the Tillamook County boys have a lot more integrity the the Popo. Done by the book and a better book then Popo.

And the PPA supports this kind of behavior for sworn officers... lovely.

The news story said that the officer refused to take a breath test. My recollection is that if you refuse to take the breath test and the local police department sends the proper paperwork to DMV, DMV is required to suspend your license for one year, effective 30 days from the date of the refusal/arrest. (ORS Chapter 813.) So this is an officer who's likely to be off the streets, except on foot, until next year's presidential election.

Isaac, you have 10 days to appeal the DMV decision. It's not automatic. And if the license is suspended, he can apply for a hardship permit allowing him to drive to work & during work.

Dman, Sunriver P.D. too. They arrested a Eugene officer during Labor Day weekend and booked him into the jail. No release just from the station without fingerprinting or a mug shot.

It's this simple. Driving drunk is a felony in Oregon. Refusal to submit to testing is considered admission of guilt. This bozo is a felon. You cannot be a cop in good standing and be a felon. Period.

LucsA... Loopholes, dude, loopholes. See above.

I bet you dollars to donuts he skates free. Check back in two to three months when the glare fades and he is back on the streets and in the coastal bars.

LucsAdvo -

DWI is not a felony in Oregon unless you've racked up a few.

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