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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Occupy Portland makes a statement

I'm not sure, but I think it says "I can't afford a Mercedes":

[Via Wagner.]

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Finally something I have in common with Occupy Portlanders.

See that sign that says "Campaign Finance Reform"? Okay, go for it, but I wonder about the actual methods the oligarchs use to control congressmen. I bet it's a lot more serious than just the threat of cutting off fund-raising.

See that sign that says "Campaign Finance Reform"? Okay, go for it,...
JK: OK, after they take the money out of politics, how does a candidate fight back against the local TV stations and newspapers that support the opponent? (please don't say change the constitution to take away the freedom of the press.)


See this:
Newspapers Have No First Amendment Exemption from Political Spending Reporting Requirements

Nearly all campaign finance reporting requirements and limitations favor the campaign speech of official propaganda organs. The legislation at issue in Citizens United was no different.

The focus should be to isolate on (and prohibit) corporate political speech (non-profit and not-non-profit) by entities with any foreign ownership or control. The cry for low taxes on corporations makes perfect sense for a Saudi owned business that is incorporated and located in the US. A targetted ban on foreigner's political speech would surely conflict with Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform pledge. Foreign meddling is a serious problem. One glaring treasonous example was the Fannie Mae legislation, which transformed the private obligations of the bankrupt private corporation into public debt on behalf of foreign sovereign funds, to the tune of 1.5 trillion. (Just ask Hank Paulson.)

Youth, like puppies, need something to chew on. You have to give them a safe chew toy, so they don't mess up something genuinely valuable. There seems to be a chew toy buffet to suit nearly any grievance, and it provides superficial satisfaction for most customers.

(yawn) are we still occupied?

Yeah, Bill. Of the overwhelming number of politicians that the ollygollys control, the methods used to dominate them penetrate deep inside their fragile minds. They start working on the citizens of this country as toddlers and through their formative years as developing young people. By the time they are old enough to run for office, they're infected and captivated.

JK, it's not a 1st Amendment issue. The people own the "airwaves" and the regulation of their use for political campaigns needs to be completely overhauled and allocated for political and issue ads (and even "infomercials" that would attempt to go-around) on an equitable basis. This overhaul includes changing the free ($0.00) licensing of the privilege of using the people's airwaves.

Ralph Nader has been urging these changes for decades, btw.

And everyone who still buys into the dupe that Nader cost Gore the 2000 election surrendered their free minds long ago. (Bah, Gore -- who couldn't even carry his "home" state of Tennessee, nor the heavily Democrat-registered state, West Virginia, for example).

The people legally own major national assets: $3 trillion in pension funds, more than $2 trillion in savings deposits, hundreds of billions more in insurance company equity, federal lands (one-third of America), large blocs of shares of companies on the stock exchanges, as well as the airwaves. Although the people own these assets, they do not control any of them. Corporations do. Presidents have ample backup power to preserve this split between ownership and control, but they and Congress have little backup power to make such ownership mean control. The Ralph Nader Reader, p.65.

Statement of Ralph Nader, Announcing His Candidacy for the Green Party's Nomination for President
Originally delivered February 21, 2000, Washington, D.C.

Notable excerpt:

"We can have a democratic society or we can have great concentrated wealth in the hands of a few. We cannot have both." (quoting U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis).

P.S. ~ Let's not forget about the third branch of government, the judiciary. The ollygollys have them, too. Depressing. No wonder people are taking to the streets....they can't afford to remain subservient.

P.P.S. ~ Nice photo share, Jack. Thanks.

This speech is from December 11, 1934 and it seems to fit today with the Occupy movement.

Huey Long speech:

Share Our Wealth
The Barbecue Speech

"How many men ever went to a barbecue and would let one man take off the table what's intended for nine-tenths of the people to eat? The only way you will be able to feed the balance of the people is to make that man come back and bring back some of that grub he ain't got no business with.
How are you going to feed the balance of the people? What's Morgan and Baruch and Rockefeller and Mellon gonna do with all that grub? They can't eat it. They can't wear the clothes. They can't live in the house.
But when they've got everything on the God-slaving earth that they can eat and they can wear and they can live in — and all that their children can live in and wear and eat and all their children's children can use — then we've got to call Mr. Morgan and Mr. Mellon and Mr. Rockefeller back and say, 'Come back here. Put that stuff back on this table that you took away from here that you don't need. Leave something else for the American people to consume." .....

More of speech on link:

The astute observer will note that this is, in fact, (though poorly portrayed) a crude reproduction of the BYU logo.

Who would have thought the Occupy Portland crowd were supporters of Mitt?

I think an appropriate counter statement would be to draft them and indoctrinate them. Using this as a guide


And as a location? Meh maybe Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa. Where ever the current administration has involved us this week.
George Soros can only buy so much of their time before he goes on to the next game.

Tadpoles writhing in pondscum...that's too kind a description. Tadpoles, after all, are cute in their frog-infancy. Ladies and gents, before you, a native Portland rock band epitomizing the dead-end-ignorant-as-s***-godless "liberals" of the world:


But they have a point. Something is wrong with any country that produces such intellectual train wrecks.

If anyone cares, the chalk drawing on the left is a Y in a circle, signifying global humanity. The intended statement is "people are more important than profits."

"people are more important than profits."
JK: Actually, profits are what I get for doing a better job of serving my customer's needs than the other guy. If I did not get that reward, why should I try to do better?

Political buy offs & corruption are a different subject, often confused with corporate profits. Contemporary examples of political buy offs and corruption include the wall street/banks bailouts, plastic bag ban, smart growth, high density, mass transit, the CRC and green energy.


PDXnag: See this:
Newspapers Have No First Amendment Exemption from Political Spending Reporting Requirements
JK: Please review this:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press ; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. (Bold added)

I see no exemption for election speech.
Do you really want to start taking away freedoms? If so please explain how it will be limited to only those freedoms that YOU don’t like?


Paid cigarette ads are PROHIBITED in broadcast media. Cigarette sellers may use print ( = Press) media, direct mail, lawn signs, billboards, decals on NASCARs, etc., but NO BROADCAST.

So, um, JK, is that abridgement of Freedom of Press? or of Speech? Yeah?, well, too bad for cigarette sellers, eh? It's addictive and it's a public health plague.

Now, following precedent, PROHIBIT paid political ads in broadcast media. Let politics use print media, where literacy, cognitive reasoning and rationality is necessary both for advocating written-law policy and positions, and for endorsing any.

Abridgement of Free Speech? Too bad for dirty doers. You also can NOT broadcast speech for government treason, violence incitement, encouragement to felony crime, (false) defamation and libel, and a bunch of other content you must NOT 'freely speak' on the public's airwaves but which you may freely say to me, or another, privately on bar stools, a park bench, in meetings, where we are together.

Too bad for fear-selling politicians they cannot employ emotionally provocative human voice and sound effects tricks that stimulate the endocrine system first before the cognitive brain. Angry-noise hatetalk (so-called 'negative ads') is psychologically ADDICTIVE and a public mental health plague.

Real good for candidates on a budget who cannot afford buying broadcast time.

Too bad for corporations selling broadcast ad time, billion$ worth per 'election cycle' ... to 'acceptable' campaigns, while stiffing the 'unfavored' (such as the American Socialist Party or the Green Party ad buys).

Really really good for TV and radio audience who NINETY PERCENT AGREE they detest political ads (interrupting the 'program' entertainment) and gladly BAN paid political ads in broadcast media.

Rash Lamebrain is a paid political ad in broadcast. So is LarsLarson. So is Thom Hartmann.

So is FUX News:
Fox Gave Potential Candidates $54.7 Million In Free Advertising -- unreported campaign 'air time value' contributions violate Federal Election Commission laws and regulations.

As for this thread topic: Every body's non-statements with standing to Occupy the World. Media has not stopped talking about the masses of people in the streets not speaking to, or through, the media. LarsLarson rages furious full-time (3 hours daily, locally), for two weeks and going on more, explaining how much he is ignoring the non-news of non-entities saying nothing except we live here and Occupy Portland.


I merely pointed out a disparity in treatment, one that persists today in Oregon. Official state PR organs have an unfair advantage. If the only acceptable set of rules where those that also included reporting requirements on the now-exempt news outlets then they would themselves opt to give up their advantage and let others speak freely, without any PAC filings for anyone on ORESTAR.

Does the inclusion of the phrase "or of the press" dilute the protection for other speakers who are not in a class that is describable as the press?

Civil war has come again sons and daughters of America. The Federal Government will not give us our rights as written in the constitution. The God in which our sovereign nation was founded on has been removed, separated, and denied by our government's willingness to look away from the man that works for their money instead of stealing it from poor people through taxation. Over taxation is just as bad as thievery. I ask you to stand up and fight for your rights against the federal government people of America, and prepare yourselves for the civil war that waits to bear birth to a new nation of statehood's governed souly by them selves and not dictated by a monopolisticpoliticofederalisticdictatorship governing system on capital hill. Rise up America and stand for your rights. Advocate for the poor, feed the hungry, reach out to your neighbor and defy you local federal government. We are their life blood and with out us the federal government will die.
United we are undefeatable and out number our Federal governments military forces 10 men or women to one military personnel. Don't think that you are alone or that we have small numbers at all it is quite the opposite we are a force the public that should not be recond with.But divided we will fail and ultimately would fall without support. Watch your selves leaders of the federal government. The Pedestals on which you are perched atop although lofty and encrusted with jewels will be toppled soon if you do not give the people what the 99 percent ask for.
I am the Pumkinking I will be given my rights or I will take them as will the public.
I pose a challenge to the public that share in how I feel contact me via email at frknpss@aol.com I wish to discuss the making of the organization of OccupyStathood. How many will contact me how many will show that they are not afraid to take their rights back. Stand and fight with me!!!!!!!!!

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