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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New downtown homeless camp is sustainable

A reader sends along a photo showing the earth-friendly "repurposing" of some old doors:

He writes:

That is the new "resting center" on Burnside where the Admiral's hit squad closed the porn shop that you blogged about the other day. I figured I would stroll by and get a couple of photos. I did not feel comfortable taking inside-the-compound photos. They are building plywood foundations and placing tents on top of them, looking to be a long-term spot with the usual Portland insanity, speckled with some irony and served with a side of high-octane malt liquor!

On time and under budget, too. But watch out: The countdown is on until the Admiral goes all Greek Cusina on their butts.

Comments (14)

What are those doors going to look like after a few weeks in the rain? (I'm assuming that they haven't sealed them.)

If they are constructing plywood foundations and putting up all those doors, I'm 100% certain there is going to be one, if not many, ticky-tacky building code violation that will get them shut down. (I'm going out on a limb and guessing they didn't consult with a licensed contrator before building.)

As long as the city allows the occupy portland protestors to keep their tent city in city parks and to block S.W. Main, the city doesn't have a leg to stand on in trying to oust the "campers" on Burnside.

It will be interesting to see if CoP comes down hard on Dignity Village II.

They'll probably claim the connected crenulated doors won't meet seismic or wind loading requirements. Or the wooden floor system doesn't meet code. But all the code infractions of Village I will be overlooked because it is city-sanctioned.

Zoning/Codes, what are those in the City's eyes??

Dave J. - you are mistaken.

Codes and permits only apply to people who choose to follow the laws in Portland.

There's a choice now.

Cindy's Sexy Reading Room wasn't exactly on par with other classic Portland landmarks, but compared to this publicly exposed wood, I'm missing the place.

Good symbol of PDX here...
it fits the city council's mode of operation - behind closed doors.

What are those doors going to look like after a few weeks in the rain? (I'm assuming that they haven't sealed them.)

Oh, they will be sealed, just like some deals before the council has their public hearings.

Soon those will be ecowalls.

Once they are properly gang tagged and multicolored, a few rains, they will blossum into beutiful flowers of delamination!

It'll be Dignity Village part deux.

Randy will find some piece or land to give them free out of public eyesight. Then a couple of bucks under the table and promises of no code enforcement and we're there!

I think if this was called an art installation, it could probably stay up. If the doors deteriorated in the weather, it becomes time based art.

"I think if this was called an art installation"

Think of it as Portland's version of Christo's curtain - Sans bird.

"Homeless camp" is such a 1993 term. The politically correct term one should be using is "Obamaville."

I have seen a couple of mobile, transient Obamaville's here in Fresno during weekends. They congregate and set up shop in front of River Park holding signs toward N Blackstone Ave. with such funny sayings as "99 Percent," "Stop NAFTA," and on.

I kinda want to go to Macy's, spend $25 on a 3 pack of White T-Shirts, drive over to the Obamaville, open up the pack of t-shirts in front of them, leave the trash on the ground with the sticker price, write "I am the 1 Percent," and try to strike up a conversation.

Everyone is betting when these temporary Obamavilles will become permanent.

Oh, sorry I just saw the words "Dignity Village." Wrong topic...Or is it?

Right to Dream Too is the name of the encampment on private property at 4th and Burnside. The first commenter is wrong. It is an alcohol-free and drug-free site. Until there is enough affordable housing and jobs in this country, there will be more and more of these. Homelessness is a direct result of the government and corporate plundering of our society.

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