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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Latest from City of Portland: garbage porn

We're used to getting inane, full-color propaganda mailers from the City of Portland, but yesterday the mailman brought us a whole envelope full of them:

It takes four different brochures to explain to us how the ordeal of household solid waste disposal is about to become even more inconvenient, and for some, more expensive than it already is. Basically, they're cutting back landfill garbage pickup from every week to every two weeks, and they're pressuring everyone to throw food slop in their yard debris bins:

Less service, more hassle. But it's "green"! "You know, you should definitely feel guilty about all that garbage you're making. And about that carbon dioxide you're giving off when you breathe..."

Anyway, it's kind of interesting to see how Portland looks in the eyes of the bureaucrats. Oh, the food slop bucket -- fun for everyone!

After you pay your garbage bill, you can kick back with a nice bottle of Two-Buck Chuck:

And if you really want to know what's going on, just pick up your hard copy of the O or Time magazine:

Anyway, our last normal garbage pickup is nine days from now. After that, nothing but stinky, slimy, sustainable goodness.

Comments (26)

Any of that mass of words describe ways to recycle aseptic packages (the layered hi-tech boxes for liquids that don't need refrigeration until opened)?

Would those be juice boxes? In any event, I don't see them anywhere on any of the lists. I assume that means that they go to the landfill.

Now you know why Sam Adams stepped out with his screech about the Post Office's looming demise. How else are the terrible clowns in this town going to get their deviant subversive messages out? You'll be seeing more tv ads of this ilk soon.

Will I ever be fully improved in the City's eyes, or is this an indefinite process?

It's like living with a partner who is constantly trying to "better" you. Who doesn't love that?

Aseptic containers, including juice boxes, go in the blue recycling bin.

It appears those youngsters have lined their slop bucket with a recently banned (evil) plastic shopping bag. I guess they didn't get that memo....

No, those are compostable slop bucket liners that we're all supposed to buy.

Haha. I guess I didn't get the memo. But I won't be purchasing any liners.

No, those are compostable slop bucket liners that we're all supposed to buy.

This coincides w/bag ban nicely.

Maybe it's a silly question, but if they can make compostable bag liners for the slop buckets, why can't they make compostable bags to carry groceries home in?

Just this morning the Oregonian had a story about how state level funding for public services have been or are being slashed across the board but jobs for P/R people and advertising agencies have soared. Portland continues to play the same game.

Evidently, our local officials believe style is more important than content, or more specifically, the lives of human beings.

I want to know if I'll get a rebate check from the companies that will profit from my discarded "food scraps"?

The brochures are mostly glossy overpriced BS, but I want to put in my comment section vote for changing the garbage system. I'm glad less is going into the landfill and it doesn't seem like it will be THAT much hassle. And I say that as a mom of 2.

We are thinking we can actually knock down our garbage bill b/c right now we pay for a bigger roll cart for regular garbage (because the regular can was too heavy sometimes) and now maybe we could go back to a can. Yes, we could have been composting, but we never got it set up... and I'm sure we're in the majority there.

Perhaps they know that the people are being resistant to all this control,
so more money "needs" to be spent on PR and advertising
to persuade us to "better ourselves" -
as Snards said:...It's like living with a partner who is constantly trying to "better" you....

Oh, Portland ...

I got my Sammy Slop Pail, which is about the size of a factory workers lunch box, adorned with graphics either sloppily screened or trendily applied sideways, and stood next to my 32 gallon standard issue can and reflected on the concept of the city - in it's infinite wisdom - telling me this replaces two of those.
Cognitive dissonance is what I came away with. It was then that I realized what the general feeling feeling of impending doom I'm experiencing is the result of cognitive dissonance.
S**t just doesn't make sense anymore - and yet - I'm told "yes, it does".

The little things first, the test cases, I fear, are precursors to something big - and not necessarily in my best interest.
Or not.
But really . . . this little pail . . . replaces these?

Maybe it's a silly question, but if they can make compostable bag liners for the slop buckets, why can't they make compostable bags to carry groceries home in?

Have you seen the prices of the compostable bags? They cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $.25 each.

Wouldn't it be a lot more "Portland" if everybody just got a dog to eat the food scraps? Instead of a slop bucket, the City could give out doggie dishes!

My question about the food slop bucket is why are they made in Canada? The USA not good enough for Creepy and his band of idiots?

No dogs to eat your slop? Get a pig! Those little pot bellies ones are cute and can I am told be litter box trained. When fully grown you can butcher it easily in the back yard, throw the entrails over the fence to the coyotes, and then you can have ham to go with the eggs laid by the back yard chickens you have been keeping.
Or just put the slop pail in the plastic recycle bin and use the garbage disposal.

No pigs? How about those rent a goats I saw a while back?

Imagine how many old-growth forests went into producing those brochures for every home in Portland. I wonder if they're recyclable?

Are you supposed to dump your recycling waste in the gutter on leaf sweeping day?

Well....I knew it would happen.

Sue Keil just could NOT keep her promise that the number of oversized waste disposal vehicles moving up and down my street would be permanently reduced.

Crap...Because I live on a service district line, I have to put up with it two days a week already. It was down to one truck each day....but now, no way. It's the compost truck, followed by the recycling truck and then, finally, the trash truck.

Sue! It's not any better than when there was no franchising...YOU LIED.

All so that they can waste a whole lot of energy doing destination mechanical separation.

Oh...Has anyone asked which member of the extended "friends and family plan" are handling the contract to provide free plastic containers to every household in Portland?

This is just residential right? Seems to me, from working in a building downtown, there's alot of food waste generated in just our little office. But, I guess the thing wouldn't have passed if you had the downtown landlords/management companies lobbying against it.

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