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Friday, October 28, 2011

It's OK so long as you don't breathe

Let's see: Fall afternoon in the Willamette Valley... rain in the forecast... that can mean only one thing. It's time for the ag department in Salem to give the grass farmers the green light to torch their fields. Yeah, the wind's blowing straight toward Portland, but those folks'll just have to inhale the airborne crud until the rain starts. They probably weren't planning to do anything outdoors this afternoon anyway, and if they were, tough. A handful of guys need to save some money, and that's more important than a million people's lungs.

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Runners, cyclists, and all outdoor-exercising, heavy-breathing citizens should be thanked for clearing the air. Unfortunately, particulates are driven deeply into their self-sacrificing lungs.

No need to worry, field burning season is over. It's so limited now, why the concern?

Somebody was burning grass on Friday. We had to breathe that garbage.

Oregon is portrayed as green and environmentally conscious, yet what one cannot see doesn't mean that we don't have problems. How does our state/city rank?


Perhaps it was someone burning leaves. They really are through with field burning.

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