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Saturday, October 15, 2011

In Japan, nuke betrayal becoming too obvious to ignore

"Radioactive substances are entering people's bodies from the air, from the food. It's everywhere," said Kiyoshi Toda, a radiation expert at Nagasaki University’s faculty of environmental studies and a medical doctor. "But the government doesn’t even try to inform the public how much radiation they're exposed to."

There are hot spots all over Tokyo and Yokohama. Lots of folks are being exposed to dangerous radiation, and have been for seven months now, and the Japanese government, like the rest of the world, just ignores it. It's tragic.

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Tragic it is when what one doesn't see can be shoved under the rug so to speak. Most likely the evidence of all this no/see no/problem around the world will come before our eyes, by then too late!!

We sure do have the "smart" ones running the world, don't we? and then on top of that wanting to run the way we all think about it!

Don't they teach propaganda anymore in school?

I am beginning to think not in Portland anyway as we have so many followers of the mantra here, even if the scene is hypocritical, they still follow??

Especially after all those many brochures city sends...another name for our city:
The City of Propaganda!

The incident in Japan should be a concern for all in the world and as Jack pointed out, it is being ignored.

I got a bit off topic here about Portland, but I see this kind of thinking to ignore problems as widespread.

It is not being ignored. Well yes, by the MSM. But this is a huge boon for scientists, to test the effects of a dirty bomb, what are the REAL cancer effects of this kind of radiation, so in the near future engineers can design less dangerous reactors and former MSM employees (now flacks) can downplay the hazards.

But as you can tell, the Sheeple aren't told what is going on, not until "Those who know better" feel we can handle it appropriately.

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