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Monday, October 10, 2011

Gang violence hits NE 42nd

Two shootings in three nights on that street, the latest a fatality. To go with a 9 p.m. Saturday shooting at Mississippi and Killingsworth. These tragic events wouldn't be so alarming if only we had grownups to run the police bureau.

UPDATE, 10/11, 7:07 a.m.: It gets worse: The Trib reports two shootings along 42nd just last night, including the one fatality. It's also placing once of the incidents at the 100 block of NE 42nd. If that's right (we doubt it), it's the Laurelhurst neighborhood.

UPDATE, 10/11, 3:09 p.m.: As we suspected, last night's second shooting was not on 42nd. It was on the 100 block of NE 102nd. The fatal shooting, however, was in fact on 42nd.

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More evidence that it is time to take the profit out of drugs.

Agreed, JK. However too many "straight" people make too much money with the status quo; including prisons for profit.

Outside of drug marketing what other income options do they have as Illegal Alien adults have stolen what for them would have been entry level jobs?

One day you'll see, streetcars and green technology will fix all this ugliness.

As far as profit out of drugs, I don't even know if that will fix it. Supposedly we're down to $10 for a fix of heroin in neighborhoods. Is there that much profit left? Then again, we had the same discussion about Goodwill yesterday.

Illegal Alien adults have stolen what for them would have been entry level jobs?

How does it feel to be a cartoon character?

Disputes over territories, drug sales, exploitation of young women, all have some relationship to gang violence. That's a given

But the current warfare extends well beyond that. It is about young angry men with lots of guns and time on their hands. Bad guys who will shoot about anyone to get power, and cause fear in others. Much more akin to terrorism than to historical gang disputes.

In short, there no longer needs to a reason for these guys to kill. If drugs can be said to play a strong role here it is more likely they are used to give a courage boost to the shooter, right before he guns down the kid at the mall.

All these shootings, yet the Mayor is more concerned about making sure the "occupy" folks can break laws with no issue.

Thank God for Scam Adumbs and his laser focus on the root cause of gang violence - weekly trash collection. Glad he's got his priorities in order.

The Police Bureau is only a reflection of the juveniles posing as adults at Portland city hall. What's worse is those running in the next election to replace the current slate of juveniles are also juveniles. Portland is composed of an awful electorate profile. You've got the pro government forces of PSU and its students, and then you've got a large contingent of government employees who see government dependency as reinforcing the sustainability of their (generous) meal ticket. With these two groups and their vested interests and biases, you can pretty much write off any possibility of grown up behavior ever taking roost at city hall.

The only grown up solution to Portland city hall is to flee it.

Looks like the one shooting occured on the 100 block of 102nd, not 42nd. Which I believe would put it right by the MAX stop.


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