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Monday, October 31, 2011

Four more Portland school honchos 'fess up, pay up

Six of the eight Portland public school officials whom the state found guilty of abusing state election laws by spending tax money to promote last spring's bond ballot measures have now admitted their violations and paid their measly $75 fines. Two of the eight continue to maintain their innocence and have requested a hearing on the matter.

The most recent to pay up were in-house attorney Jollee Patterson, "executive director of community involvement" Robb Cowie, school modernization director Sarah Schoening, and public information officer Matt Shelby. As reported here on October 19, Superintendent Carole Smith and chief operating officer C.J. Sylvester had previously paid.

Holding out and cruising for a fight are "former public affairs director" Sarah Carlin Ames and "family communications manager" Katie Essick. Their hearings are supposed to be held late in November or early in December.

In theory, the eight violators could be held personally liable for the misspending of taxpayer funds under certain circumstances. It is unknown whether anyone, public official or private citizen, is planning to push for such recovery of the illegally spent funds.

The violations were first pointed out on this blog on April 5.

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Gee, I guess they came to their senses and decided not to hire the big deal law firm to protest their innocence.

If Kroger had some guts, I'd still go after the violators for mis-spending public monies. I mean $75 for blowing an untold amount of taxpayer funds? I'd take those odds.

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