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Friday, October 28, 2011

For greed, there's nothing like the NBA

The latest word from the talks between the obnoxious wealthy owners and the obnoxious wealthy players is that they will reach a deal over the weekend, have little or no pre-season schedule, and then cram a full 82-game season in despite a late start. Risk of injury? Fan fatigue? No worries. It's all about the Benjamins.

Eighty-two games is too many, even when there's a full calendar to work with.

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Personally, I don't expect a settlement by this weekend. Hell, I don't expect one, next week, either. What I can expect is that if/when there's a settlement, the MBA will try to jam all of these games into the remaining season, no matter what.

Personally, I say "Go for it, guys." I say that because it's hard enough to keep up with existing sports schedules. Oh, you'll find a few who will watch and attend no matter what, but they're just the sports equivalent of the Cat Piss Men who have to rush home to watch another Firefly rerun on SyFy. The rest of us will realize that the schedules conflict with dinner dates and kids' piano recitals and hanging out with friends, and walk away. A couple of years of this, and the NBA will literally beg us all to come back, even if the Mavericks take the title again.

Who cares? The game is mostly rigged/influenced according to market size of the teams playing. The players are usually a bunch of underperforming criminal losers who just happen to be good at basketball. I have no sympathy for them. We'd be better off without pro basketball.

More reason to watch the Winterhawks or NHL hockey. No egos and those are guys that go out and play for the love of the game.

I'm wondering if they'll have trouble finding available arena time. Isn't the Rose Garden booked quite awhile in advance?

There are many, many nights on which the Rose Garden is idle.

Nope, talks have just collapsed over BRI.

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