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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today's fine weather did not get us back in white pants, but we are sipping tonic drinks out on the deck while the coals get hot.

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Played retired persons and drove the sports car top down to the coast where it was 70 degrees and NO wind! A perfect day, and our little dog had a blast on the beach with all the other dogs of the geezer crowd.

Share with us Jack, what went over the coals? I'm sore and tired from pulling down ivy from the house, trimming branches, raking leaves in rather brisk chilly weather. I did lentil soup cooked in homemade broth and toasted homemade bread topped with sharp cheddar. Drinking vodka with a sprite chaser.

Barbecued chicken, baby.

"Barbecued chicken, baby."

OK, which was better?

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