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Saturday, October 29, 2011

By Jove, it appears we've been redistricted

If we're reading this map correctly, our state representative has changed from Michael Dembrow to Sweet Lew Frederick, and our state senator from Jackie Dingfelder to Chip Shields. Having Lew is cool. The other change, we'll have to see, but we're optimistic that it's an upgrade, too.

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Used to live in Chip's district. He would come by door to door and ask how things were going and if we had any issues we wanted to address. I was impressed.

Be nice if we got to choose our representatives instead of them getting to choose us.

Mine is a party line weasel. Where is Wally Priestly when you need him?

Wally Priestly was a weasel too

In the dictionary next to the word "integrity" is a picture of Lew Frederick...or at least, there should be.

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