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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bombshell! Kroger not running for re-election.

So says Jeff Mapes at the O.

Who would be the next Oregon A.G.? Our guess: Dwight Holton.

UPDATE, 10:09 a.m.: It's official, and it's for health reasons. The announcement:

I am announcing today that I will not seek a second term as Oregon’s Attorney General.

I was recently diagnosed and am under the care of a physician at OHSU for a significant but not life threatening medical condition. It will not interfere with my legal work or prevent me from completing my term, but I will need to reduce my hours, travel less, and be careful about my health. After consulting with my doctor over the last two days, I have decided against campaigning again for statewide office.

When I ran for office in 2008, my life was different. I was a bachelor. Now I have a wife and a family. Though I believe very much in public service, my wife and I agree that my health and our family have to come first.

I ask that the community and the media respect my medical privacy and grant me the opportunity to address my health in private

It has been a great honor to serve as Oregon’s Attorney General these past three years. I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish. I look forward to completing my term and passing the office to a good successor in January 2013. I will always be grateful to the citizens of Oregon for their support.

UPDATE, 8:29 p.m.: Commentary here.

Comments (15)

A.G. Bogdanski?

An amusing thought. Not gonna happen.

I won't speculate what his health condition is, but wish him a speedy recovery.

At least he has health insurance he can afford, unlike many working stiffs with a pre-existing condition.

Personally, I would welcome an A.G. Bogdanski.

Here's a couple of campaign slogans: "Had Enough?" and "We can do better."

I would wish it to be four years of absolute legal hell raising. The people strike back.

I would hope he would sic teams of forensic accountants and investigators on the city of Portland, the state of Oregon, OHSU, Metro, TriMet, and any other public entity that is suspected of wasting taxpayer funds on pure boondoggles designed to enrich private businessmen as public officials line up for their (smaller) slice of the pie.

It would be delicious watching personifications of public corruption being perp-walked into waiting vans on the 5 o'clock news.

Turning over public-agency rocks and seeing what crawls out would be at least four years of high entertainment, just from watching the assorted bureau and agency heads squirming in the spotlight.

Best of all, this being an elective office, A.G. Bogdanski would be beholden to no one save the voters.

Too bad, Jack. It would have been a hell of a ride for this voter. But it still makes a fabulous daydream.

That sucks. I was hoping to see him beaten in an election. This is not the way. I too have some health issues screwing over my potential. So I feel for the guy on a personal level. Can't believe I am sympathetic for a politician, but there it is. Please don't run for office Bojack. You do more good right where you are.

"Who would be the next Oregon A.G.? Our guess: Dwight Holton."

I think I'd ask Kate Brown and Lady Kitz who they want first. This is Oregon and office-holders have to clear some bars.

Why don't people just name of their health problems? Unless it's a sexually transmitted disease, who cares? Dancing around it by calling it "a significant but not life threatening medical condition" just provokes more curiosity.

With all the balls that are being dropped and the evidence getting lost, "serious, but not life threatening" must mean Alzheimers.

A picture? I've been wanting to post a picture at Bojack for ages...How'd you do it?

If it's not Lupus, I'm thinking testicular cancer. That might explain the walkoff he gave to Sammy.

Too soon?

"Why don't people just name of their health problems?"

Alright already - Spine transplant.

Second guess - Carpal tunnel from all the press releases being typed.

GUEST VIEWPOINT: "Three cases reveal waste in the attorney general's office" by Tony Corcoran

Successor candidate? How 'bout Gumby, dammit?

And Kroger's health condition? Exposure.

We would be lucky to have Dwight Holton as the AG. Solid guy and well respected prosecutor... even if he has not gotten the message that marijuana isn't the devil's weed.

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