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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blazers draw top honors

The most useless and second most useless players in the league over the past decade: Paul Allen's idea of quality.

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I'm sorry, I didn't see Darius Miles in that bunch.

I'm not even going to include Rasheed in the years after he signed a 7-year guarantee. At least Bassy and Dickau had something close to a clue.

Bassy was utterly worthless from the get-go. In contrast, Darius played decent ball for a couple of years. Wallace was actually a first-rate baller -- just a head case. Then he decided he was a jump shooter, which was the end of his usefulness.

They also passed on Chris Paul and Deron Williams in the 2005 draft, 'cuz they already had Bassy locked up at point. Instead, they leveraged all that Bassy love to trade their high pick down to get Martell Webster and Jarrett Jack--two solid cornerstones for any NBA bench or injured reserve list.

Hey, at least they're not Kwame Brown!

The Vancouver Canucks may surprise everyone again!
And what the Canadians call a "riot" we in Portland experience nearly every weekend on the MAX line; of course we have guns here.

Is Oden in there? If he were ever healthy he'd (probably) be very useful. But he's never been healthy.

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