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Monday, October 10, 2011

(Alleged) Gropers in the News

Here in Portlandia, we've got quite a pair to draw to. Just good-natured "horseplay"? Which century are they living in?

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As an employer this is just the sort of thing that makes you cringe!;
as a parent one becomes enraged, and as a taxpayer, this guy should be fired! not promoted. Though I suppose the "Peter Principle" could be invoked here. As an administrator it is possible he would have less one on one contact with 16 year old girls.
Gee, and Bob Packwood, gave him an award too! 'Nuff said!

From the article about the teacher:

The documents, requested in the summer and obtained last month, reveal his behavior was well known among students, staff and administrators.

Well known for years, yet they not only kept him but promoted him. Sounds like the Vatican was in charge.

I also love this quote:

Dixon attended Reynolds, where he was student president, and graduated in 1991. That year, U.S. Sen. Bob Packwood presented him a silver congressional medal to recognize Dixon's dedication to community service.

He was so dedicated. Too bad no Goldschmidt link.

Actually, Thor, there is a connection: Neil's ex-wife Margie teaches at Reynolds and once referred to his 13-year-old victim as a "sexual predator." Must be something in the drinking fountains at that school...

From the Reynolds VP story:

no overt sexual contact occurred and proof of sexual intent wasn't evident in Dixon's behavior

Sounds like someone with talent felt entitled to cross certain boundaries on a regular basis. I doubt that any one of the incidents listed would have gotten him in that kind of hot water, but the aggregate showed a pattern that had to be addressed.

Seven years have passed without an incident, so Reynolds officials must believe that he's learned his lesson. Hope they are right.

- On Schauffler - His story sounds makes it sound like a huge overreaction to a clumsy tit-for-tat (couldn't resist) incident.

Her side is that it was closer to a full on public groping.

Two theories:

1) there was some pre-extisting tension between Avakian and Schauffler serving as a catalyst, or,

2) Schauffler was drunk.

The Packwood tie in was priceless.

truth be told - well then, the Oregon circle is complete!

On the same day as his (alleged) grope, Schauffler gave $1000 to derail the public vote on urban renewal in Clackamas.


That thousand would come in handy to defend against a primary challenge. One way or another, I think Clackamas voters will show him the door.

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