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Monday, October 17, 2011

A year to go

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We still have a year to go before those guys are gone from office???

It will be a while before they are picked up off the curb, so they continue to stink up the place...

Just so long as you don't get fined for not composting them. (Would referring to them as "free-range Soylent Green" offend the vegan community? It would? Good.)

Jack you obviously didn't read your slop bucket instructions.

It specifically states to omit items that are excessively greasy...

I doubt that Sam and Randy are compostable. I suspect they are more like styrofoam and will contaminate the environment forever!

God, please, don't compost them, don't recycle them...don't even give them the dignity of a one-way trip out to Arlington.

Marion County has the perfect solution. I-5, Brooks Exit 262, just a half mile east of the freeway. Look for the big red and white tower.

I agree with Ralph. Every serious composter knows that you never add potentially infectious feces to an existing compost pile.

Proving again that truth IS stranger than fiction.

Gave me the creeps to look at this, hope the image won't be retained in my mind every time I see that compost pail...which will be another reason, I will hide it, and it will not be on my kitchen counter!!

Unfortunately, the Sam/Rand twins are working overtime to do as much damage as they can before they leave. Wonder what they have in mind for themselves after they leave?

Have they been promised something bigger and better for selling us out

Just don't forget to empty the slop pail before you go on vacation or you will get a very nasty surprise when you come back. (I found out the hard way when we started composting ourselves and bought one of the pails from Metro. It went straight into the trash.)

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