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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A great Dane that wasn't

The Colts got rolled this evening, and so the lone player who picked them in our charity football underdog game gets a goose egg for the weekend. Here are the standings as of this evening, but note that there are five players (with asterisks) riding on Jacksonville (8) tomorrow night:

AKevin 25
PDXileinOmaha 23
Michael K. 18
John Ch. 16.5
Eric W. 15.5
jmh 15
genop's gal 14.5
john dull 14.5
Pete Rozelle 14
Carol 13.5
Larry Legend 11.5*
Bob 9.5
Tommy W. 9.5
Annie 9
Biggest Cubs Loser 9
umpire 9
Gordon 8.5*
Paul 8.5
Bad Brad 8
John Cr. 8
Weavmo 8
Drewbob 7.5
Gary 6
genop 6*
Money Maker 6
Usual Kevin 6*
Bayou Baby 5
Grizfan 3
Broadway Joe 0
mna 0*
NoPo Guy 0
Ricardo 0
Rudie 0

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Yes!! Rack up 8 for the asterick people!

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