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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ya gotta watch those guys from Canby

They're tricky. Correspondent Bill McDonald reports:

On 9-23-11, I was in West Linn at a football game. Canby High School had just scored and this is the following kick-off.

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That's a Central Catholic Rams play, although I have not seen CC run it all the way through the kick. They run the huddle right up to the ball every kickoff, then fall back to a normal kickoff formation and kick it away. They spend a lot of effort setting up eventuall use of what Canby did in Bill's YouTube.

Canby lost to CC earlier this year, but took something useful from that game.

I like the way the team moves as one thing, so that 4 or 5 of them are basically piling on at the end. I've never seen this play before, and I've been watching football forever.
Thanks for the follow-up, John, and I hope you won't mind me mentioning Travis. I was at the service and still have the program.
Incidentally, I don't believe Canby scored on this drive. They went up eventually 27-14 with a missed extra point. Then West Linn came roaring back to go ahead 28-27 into the 4th, before finally draining a 42-yard field goal to win 31-27.
It was an awesome game. Like watching an entire season of "Friday Night Lights" in 3 hours.

Is it necessary for the ball to have 10 yards of free travel before the kicking team touches it?

The one kid leaps up and catches the room service hop around 14 or 15 yards in. That's what struck me about this: You can have all the "trickeration" you want, but you have to execute it, and this was perfect. Okay, there's a "tell" just before it happens when one player puts a leg back in a running stance, but other than that it's a perfect deception.


You should send this to ESPN at the following link:


This would be great to see on SportsCenter.

I'm Impressed. So often trick plays are major fuskups in HS play. That must have been a hoot!

They call it "The Mayweather"

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