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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Willamette Week has been hacked

Google is reporting wweek.com as an attack site, and apparently it's one of four weeklies around the country who have been targeted for hacker mischief.

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That'll teach them to screw with Timbers Army.

That'll teach them to screw with Timbers Army.
Or to criticize the BILLION dollar light rail/Goldschmidt gravy train boondoggle!


My money's on the light rail sycophants.

Or Mayor Creepy's corps of bubbleheaded baubles with the mad tweeting skilz.

I wonder if hacking is the new version of book burning, censorship, and fear.

Nah, it was just some Portland slacker band that didn't get invited to MFNW.

Apparently NBC's twitter account got hacked yesterday. By script kiddies no less. That smacks of terrible security by Twitter and NBC.

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