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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wildfire now could affect Portland water quality come fall

Here's an update from the city water bureau about the wildfire that's threatening the Bull Run Reservoir system. Including this:

Depending on the direction of winds, ash from the fire may be deposited in the watershed, but it is not expected to pose risks to drinking water.... Water quality changes may be more likely when the first rain events occur this fall if significant ash deposition occurs. If ash proves to be a factor during initial rain events this fall, Portland has a secondary high quality source of drinking water, the Columbia South Shore Well Field that can be used.

Comments (8)

So the water will be carbon filtered? Maybe I can bypass the Britta.

That ought to be worth a 25% rate increase from PWB.

Will this mean that you will have to drink columbia river water with nice hanford reach.....

Bull Run threatened? Better get that sucker covered, stat.

Admiral RANDY should send his security force up there to work on the fire line.

Pdxjim- I think he already did.

No doubt we'll hear it as another reason to get Portland's water supply handed over to some multinational corporation so they can sell something else back to us as a "value-added product".

I once read a book that stated that one method for capitalism to boost declining profits was to take away something essential from people they already possessed in order to sell it back to them at a profit.

"Value-added ownership".

Well, can't be anything more essential from the people to take than their water!!

Meanwhile, our money goes down the drain for these unnecessary projects!

Just hope this PWB won't use the fire to try to push now for this big filter project the Admiral apparently wanted.

Unfortunately we have Admiral Randy charting the course!! His ship is way off the radar screen and the public does not know what he is doing or what he is really up to.

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