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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why Johnny can't read

Apparently, it's SpongeBob's fault. Get those kids watching PBS -- maybe some day they can work at Powell's.

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Gary is my favorite.

or Starbucks

"Don’t blame Mr. SquarePants for messing with preschoolers’ brains, Nickelodeon spokesman David Bittler says. “SpongeBob is produced for 6- to 11-year-olds. Four-year-olds are clearly not the intended demographic for this show.”


Of course. SpongeBob works at a fast food restaurant owned by a greedy owner. Of course it isn't good for young children.

Instead we need more Thomas the Tank Engine (because trains are good, cars/planes are bad), Bob the Builder (because building it bigger is good for density, PLUS encourages building along Thomas' train lines), and Sesame Street (which takes place in what can be described as an dense urban neighborhood in New York or San Francisco).

Shiver me timbers...

I'm sure depleted uranium, predator drones, water-boarding, terrorist alerts, bombings of innocent civilians, gang shootings, massive unemployment, failing economies, and antibiotic-resistant bugs couldn't possibly be more dangerous to our children's brains than SpongeBob.

But the 'killing for profit' Blackwater co-founder, Erik Prince, will make sure Johnny and Jane have fun while not learning to read.


I have to go inside now. I can hear the black helicopters approaching.

This is why I made sure to raise my nephews and nieces on a stout diet of "Invader ZIM".

There is a gigantic negative to reading. That is, it encourages some people to write.

This is an honest-too-God TRUE quote forwarded from a business friend of mine who decided it ought to serve as a grim warning of the future to come.

"In my new position that's now in the Industrial Sector one of my clients that I would like to use storage to get in the door with product and services may indeed benefit from an up front assessment leading to an agreement on a roadmap that we can create a vision for, enabling the client and (business name witheld) transforming and executing upon."

Jesus Christ and General Jackson, as Harry Truman said when he put down the phone after getting the call that he was urgently wanted at the White House. (FDR had died; Truman had met his running mate on a single occasion, for lunch the month before, and had got a dread feeling when he realized the Commander in Chief could not pour the cream into his coffee.)

Gaye, don't remind me. I used to joke about some of the geniuses graduating from business schools who'd ask passersby "How do you spell 'MBA'?" Then I met one who really was clueless about the spelling. Worse, she was one of the hiring managers at my old place of employ back in the day.

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