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Saturday, September 24, 2011

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go

No matter what the danger:

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Which was probably what happened when their boat turned over! We sailors call that "getting pooped"!
They were very lucky! How dumb is it to go out in an open boat, when off shore a storm with 35 foot seas is raging!

They were reported to be heard singing an old sea chanty, "A crapping we will go, a crapping we will go. High ho, the merry-o, a crapping we will go."

Written by a real journalist no doubt.

Once again: "Do not be wicked overmuch, nor become foolish. Why should you die when it is not your time?" God doesn't want any of us to die. You need to not want to die. Just stop it; think of what you are giving up. Think of what your family is forced to give up.

Avast there me hardies nothing better than a good sea shanty to unpucker your blow hole


But the real pirates sing these.


That's what you get for submitting your story via an iphone. Darn auto-correct.

Kudos to the surfer who rescued all three of them, though.

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