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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walgreenshealth.com may be bad for your blood pressure

We try to keep our cranky-old-man outraged-consumer riffs to a minimum, but this one's too well deserved to hold back. We've been trying for a couple of days now to refill a prescription at the mail order pharmacy of Walgreen's. Apparently there are three such pharmacies -- the one that we're sent to is in Tempe, Arizona. We take a common, cheap, generic drug that will probably be sold over the counter in a year or two. We have used Walgreen's mail for this prescription in the past because our health insurance, through Regence, pressures us to do so through a slight price break.

But time is money, and after two agonizing bouts with the company's awful website, and four fruitless phone calls that ended up heaven knows where, we're done with Walgreen's pharmacies. As they've made abundantly clear, they won't miss us. If we owned stock in that corporation, we'd be selling it.

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Welcome to the "Health? We Don't Care" industrial-complex. Next!

"We try to keep our cranky-old-man outraged-consumer riffs to a minimum"

Since when?

Try Walmart (you don't have to join anything for the low prices). You know, the stores Sammy used to hate!

Your closest Walmart is probably in Vancouver at the first exit after the I205 bridge on the West side of I205. They also have plastic(!) bags, spray paint w/o ID, no deposit soft drinks, no sales tax to Oregon residents and the same, American branded, made in China stuff as the politically correct stores.

And if you buy gas there you aren’t contributing to Sam’s transportation delusions (except thru the Feds).


Jack - Fred's pharmacy has cheap prices on a number of common drugs and I have not had fulfillment issues with them. You can call in for refills and they will tell you when you can pick it up.

Freddy's isn't perfect either...if the pediatrician phones/faxes in a prescription for your kid so you don't have to drop it off and wait 45 minutes with a sick/cranky/impatient child, they won't start processing it until you show up, meaning that you still have to wait 45 minutes. At least that's what happens frequently at the Gateway branch.

Give Walmart a try Jack. There's one just out there on 82nd Avenue. We've been using them since we moved to the Reno area and had no problems. And they just reduced their prices on generics this month as well. It's worth noting that almost all the nurses and health care staff we know also use them for their pharmacy needs..

Jack do you really thing viagra will be over the counter soon?

I had the same experience with RiteAid. I think these guys leveraged up to expand since the drug biz is so fat.

My doctor says Costco has the best pricing if it helps.

Well the Raleigh Hills Fred's had the script for the painkiller my surgeon phoned in ready to be picked up in less than 30 mins. (the time it took my ride to pick me up and head to the pharmacy). So I have no complaints with my Fred's. I cannot speak to Gateway or anything in East Jaysus.

I violunteered at the Vets hospital on Pill Hill for 18 months.

The pharmacy there was a horror story with men and women coming in from eastern Oregon (or locally) often waiting from dawn to early evening - maybe getting their script filled. Often out of towners would have to take a room at a motel for the night.

It was horrible. It was also a foreshadowing of Obamacare and an ugly statement about our concern for vets.

Freddy's will meet other pharmacies low prices and their service has been excellent.

I like the Rite Aid stores that are next to a Starbucks. I go in, drop off the prescription, walk next door and self-caffeinate, and come back in 15 minutes buzzed enough that I don't need the prescription any more.

Costco can't be beat!

Bi-Mart. Employee-owned. Reliable, personal service. Responsive refill requests online, automated phone, live phone or fax. Excellent prices. Five stars.

I gave up on Walgreen's mail order pharmacy, too. Their service was good for a couple of years, and then they switched me to the Tempe pharmacy. My doctor and I both called them several times to renew a prescription, but Walgreen's kept screwing up. I finally went back to Freddy's, which is a little more expensive but I've never had a problem with them.

Jack.......Hands down the WORST in the business is CVS.
Coast to Coast the service is the same,LOUSY....In the stores that stay open 24/7, you can expect long lines and rude clerks.

CVS has provided some interesting service. I landed in Boston missing some important life necessity medication. Of course I had no prescription, but luckily had all my doctor contact information, etc. My OR doctor was on vacation so the CVS Pharmacist finally got through to the covering doctor after my insistence. He proceeded in wanting all kinds of verification, etc., then even was refusing to fill the prescription. Finally after all kinds of information, sweet talk the covering doctor was successful. What an ordeal. It might of been easier just to go out on the street to acquire the drugs.

Since you shop at COSTCO anyway, use their pharmacy. I did for a few years, and I don't have a membership - it was cheaper than anyplace else. Then Freddie's (which is closer to home) went and matched their price on the prescription.

Just heard from a friend that her local Walgreens has been a PITA for the last several months. They refuse to refill valid scripts (that don't need authorization) because they want it reauthorized each time. I told her to dump them and go to Fred's.

I've had great service at Wood Village Fred Meyer for over 10 years. they take refills over the phone and will send you a txt message or give you a phone call when it is ready.

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