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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The wrong thing to do about vandalism

Graffiti is a real drag, and it's a good thing that so many Portlanders take note of it, get outraged about it, and go to work removing it as quickly as possible. Media reports of the damage are also a good idea. But the one thing that you shouldn't do is post photos of it on the internet. It really gratifies and empowers the mentally ill people who engage in this perverse activity. Unfortunately, this website, although no doubt well meaning, didn't get the memo about that.

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I doubt the people doing the graffiti are really empowered by being posted on the "mid-county memo". Not really a street cred sort of thing. IMHO

Some years ago a person responsible for LOTS of "tagging" and graffiti around Portland was caught. If memory is correct she was a psychology major at a local college.............

You must be mistaken, Portland's graffiti problems were solved when our council put spray paint behind locked store cabinets.

Yeah, thats how portland solved the meth problem also. Im sure glad there arent tweakers around here any more!

You really think the taggers are likely going to happen upon that website?

What if they happen upon this website?

Third paragraph now says the officer didn't have a green. Regardless if his lights and siren were on, he has the duty to clear the intersection prior to proceeding through. Looks like the officer failed to do that.

Oops, posted to the wrong thread.

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