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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Say goodbye

These trees, along with many others on SW Lincoln Street between First and Fourth Avenues in Portland, will be destroyed starting Monday by the utterly pointless Tri-Met Milwaukie MAX train project. In a city that's constantly bleating about how "green" it is, this is a sacrilege of the lowest order.

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Tre Arrow! Where are you when we need you?

No worries; I'm sure they'll keep the English ivy, so it'll still be green and all.

That section of town has been so torn up and obliterated in the past rejuvenation schemes that there are probably fossils there that were missed the first time it was leveled.
As I recall it was a vibrant neighborhood 50+ years ago, but the powers that be at that time decided that the folks who lived and worked there needed to be moved to make way for one of the first urban renewal scams.

Tre is around, but they almost killed him and broke his hip the last time he climbed. A human appears to mean as little to them as a tree. We can all hope they won't want to run trains through our homes.

It'll be interesting to see who comes out to protest this destruction. But it is making way for mass transit. Never mind!

Can't even put a bird on them now.

"Portland, The City That Weirks"

Can't stop now without losing many millions.

It obvious that peons are not privy to the Real 2050 plan.

Lunatics reign supreme.

There already is a streetcar line 2 blocks away that runs between the exact same places (PSU to SoWa)as the new light rail will.

And if the Milwaukie Light Rail line was budgetted to cost $5 billion and cut down 1000 trees the proponents would be doing and saying the exact same things.

That's what lunacy is like.

But...but...I thought that trees had rights!

Thank you Michelle for the Saltzman reminder. I'm sure "Chainsaw Charley" Hales is drooling to fire up the old McCulloch as he did in north Portland's Pier Park during his Parks tenure.

Trees consume carbon.

Fewer trees = more carbon and less oxygen.

Tall structures in downtown Portland are built with steel and concrete - both consumed by excavating huge pits in the Earth.

Small, modest ranch homes in the 'burbs are constructed using renewable timber. Cut the tree down, it grows back in 50 years. The ores used to make steel and the rocks ground up to make concrete will take billions of years.

And much of downtown Portland was wetlands up until the late 1800s/early 1900s, providing natural wildlife habitat for all sorts of animals. There's a reason why Vancouver, high and dry, was the first settlement in the area. Portland was useless.

And, yet, somehow, downtown Portland is the "green" city????????

Don't worry -- they'll make up for this
by denying a certain number of requests
for permits to cut down a tree here and
there in the residential sections of the

Bob T

It's not easy pretending to be green.

How fitting is it that the site of the first urban renewal disaster is the home of the newest?

They also allow huge groves of firs and cedars to be cut for housing and other developments, sadly sacrificed due to land needed as a result of the UGB, a very negative aspect of that plan.

They also allowed huge firs and cedars to be cut out of our parks. That is another period of Portland's history under Katz/Hales. Despite all that,
National Arbor Foundation continued to give Portland Tree City USA Award.

Old Shep:...I'm sure "Chainsaw Charley" Hales is drooling to fire up the old McCulloch as he did in north Portland's Pier Park during his Parks tenure.

Interesting you brought that up Old Shep, as I Remember that too!
75 huge firs and cedars in Pier Park had red x's painted on them ready to be chopped, the evening Charlie's park bureau went up to St. John's Community to "explain" why those trees had to go, that day Charlie was downtown in the South Park Blocks receiving Tree City USA Award from the National Arbor Foundation and planting little trees with the children!!

Fortunately, the people in St. John's stopped that and the trees remain, but this all ought to come out now that Charlie wants back in and parades around he is for parks and walks in parades with the Friends of Trees!

What a bunch of tools (and I don't mean chainsaws) we have running things.

I don't know, they don't seem much different than any other "progressive."

Situational ethics
Creative accounting
The "green" of cash trumps all others.

Nothing to see here folks. You elect and re-elect these people because of their "vision," "innovation" and "progressive" politics.

Now live with it.

Some are opting not to live with it and are leaving the area.

We can all hope they won't want to run trains through our homes.

Now there's an idea.

The Other Jimbo - Are you tone deaf? It really isn't about the surface ideology any more (forget about D or R). The real agenda is the enrichment of corporate America and the ultrarich. When you wake up, if you ever do, you will understand that ideology is just a tool used to distract and divide and keep the sheeple's eyes off the real prize.

The Other Jimbo,
The people can only elect from those who choose to enter the race...mostly promoted for and picked by the insiders who they know will continue the agenda.

I have written about this before, very daunting for someone else who wants to give good service for the public interest, one who is not there for a political career, to enter this arena.
Hopefully this time, some brave souls who would do a good job and who would be for the people will consider offering themselves as a real choice!

The real agenda is the enrichment of corporate America and the ultrarich.

Now that's a good way to get banned around here...


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