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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kroger's up for another term

And we suspect there will be no challenge on the Democratic side. Will some Republican lawyer take a shot at the Oregon attorney general's office -- somebody with a decent shot at it? Maybe Jack Roberts can ride the great tide sure to be produced by Michele Bachmann.

UPDATE, 8:51 p.m.: If a challenger does emerge, we can expect him or her to be talking a bit about this.

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Re: "Maybe Jack Roberts can ride the great tide sure to be produced by Michele Bachmann."

Ebb tide or rip?

Absent the fast and furious press releases, I would have thought Hardy Meyers was still running the place.

He made doing nothing look goooooooood!!!

I'm not clear on what "tidal" impact Bachmann will produce considering that her average of nine polls puts her fifth behind
Perry, Romney, Palin, and Paul, and generically slightly ahead of Obama. In any event, Heaven help us!

No one is running against him? Sad. Is he popular on that side of the mountains? Out East he is seen as a just another pencil neck bully.

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