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Saturday, September 3, 2011

If you smoke too much pot...

... you may tend to drop stuff.

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It must be the uniform. Call Phil Knight--the Ducks need a new uniform, fast. The other 500 haven't worked.

Funny the Beavers lost to Sac State today... what's the excuse for that?


There may have actually been a few die-hard duck fans that never saw this comin.

Loss or win, I could have sworn with all the fans wearing purple and gold that this game was played at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Seriously, those from Louisiana had to pay for tickets, round trip airfare, a rental car, and hotel rooms. They came out in such numbers where it was a home game for LSU.

Oregon fans had to pay for tickets, gas to Eugene and back home, and possibly a one nighter at a Motel 6.

Talk about a bunch of hot smoke out of a state's proverbial ass. Neither Oregon team is going nowhere.

Considering who showed up to root, I would rather be an Oregon State fan today because Oregon Duck fans made Miami Heat fans look like Boise State Bronco fans today with their utter lack of attendance.

*golf clap* *golf clap* Maybe Oregon and Oregon State can compete for the Tostito's Losers Bowl because the National Championship and Rose Bowl are out of reach.

Killianala -

The game was played in Arlington, Texas. Indoors, in a dome. Cowboys Stadium. A lot easier and cheaper to get to Arlington ( a Dallas suburb) from Louisiana than it is from Oregon.

The Tostito's Losers Bowl. I like that.
Killianala is right. The Ducks and the Beavers both blew it out the proverbial ass today.

There was some football justice. The Ducks defense held LSU to 6 points early in the 3rd. The other 7 came on a special teams fumble.
Maybe if our star return guy hadn't been suspended for driving stoned at 118 mph, that play would have gone better.

The Quack apologists are out in force now.... LOL !!!!

Whoops - the Ducks defense held them to 9 points early in the 3rd quarter with the other 7 coming on the special teams fumble.

Of course the Ducks were playing the number 4 ranked team in the US while the Beavers managed to lose to a school that isn't even 1A. But hey, why compare apples to apples when it comes to the Ducks and the Beavers.

Actually, in August, my friendly Beav nemesis and I set our annual civil war bet. And he arrogantly asked for $10. After yesterday's game he was trying to weasel it down to a $1 bet and he's a true believer so I think that says a lot. I am just an honorary Duck (because of him) and the bet was started decades ago as a way to needle him.

The Ducks have a bigger problem than the bombaida - An offensive line about 25 lbs lighter than anyone else's in the SEC.

This isn't about Ducks vs. Beavers. No one expects the Beavers to do much this year. But Duck fans actually thought they were going back to the national championship game. Too funny. They'll be extremely lucky to win the Pac-12.

Dwight Jaynes says today that the Duck offense has "jumped the shark."

But look on the bright side -- whatever they win will probably be taken away for recruiting violations. So there's no sense getting too worked up about a two-game losing streak.

I also blame scheduling. Who goes into week 1 of the season - while other big programs are playing patsies - and schedules a powerhouse like Sacramento State?

Ducks can't compete with the SEC- which is pretty much a semi-pro league. Those guys are bigger, stronger, faster at almost every position.

Add in the costly turnovers and it was game over. Duck defense can't play that long on the field-especially with all the key players gone from last year.

And Darren Thomas is not a very good passer, so if you force him to throw they are a much weaker team this year.

I feel guilty for having a positive thought about the Ducks coming into the season. I will change that in the future.

I would like to apologize for being an alumnus of the University of Oregon. I will now give away my tickets, burn my diploma and disassociate myself from the University. No good comes from rooting for an alma mater. Ever.

The Ducks are and have been way overrated in the Chip Kelly era. Oh, they're good, but just not that good. Certainly not as good as their diehard fans delude themselves into proclaiming. After all, Boise State, Ohio State, Auburn, and LSU figured them with little sweat. The fact is the last 2 years they've been a top 20 team, but not a top 10 team. We'll see what they are now as the year unfolds.

"No good comes from rooting for an alma mater. Ever."

You're rooting for the "billionaire bankrolled sports team of your alma mater", not your school. You want to root for your alma mater? How about rooting for Phil Knight to give one-sixth of the amount spent on the footbal team on, say, actual academics?

Am I the only one that know that the Ducks football team are a proxy marketing shill for Nike and Knight's ego?

I guess I have a problem with telling people how to spend their money, even if it is a pet project.

BTW, don't forget that they were routed by a second-string quarterback.

"When losers are defeated, they blame what they didn't have. When winners are defeated, they blame themselves."
-Knute Rockne

"When losers are defeated, they blame what they didn't have. When winners are defeated, they blame themselves."
-Knute Rockne

Great quote, but why politicize a sports story? The topic is the Duck's Epic Fail, not Obama's.

"Great quote, but why politicize a sports story? The topic is the Duck's Epic Fail, not Obama's."

Rockne was speaking of football, not snarky, vapid comments about the politician du jour. Is that all you got?

Thanks for bringing up that the game was played in Arlington Stadium in Cowboys stadium. I'll admit it diminishes my initial argument some, but still with the hype this Oregon team was getting many others and I expected more love from Oregon fans.

Then again, Louisiana may have a better economy than Oregon right now allowing more fans to afford the tickets and trip.

As for why I think LSU won. LSU's offensive line were grown ass men looking like they were playing against a JV high school defensive line of Oregon's.

I have always believed that a football team is built from the offensive and defensive lines first. The bigger the better, but not so big that each lineman cannot be a play-maker.

Oregon has rather small defensive and offensive lines. For this reason, I expect them to lose at least 1 more if not 3 more.

Killiana1a, I think you've put your finger on it. The SEC is just the amateur version of the NFL, not college football.

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