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Friday, September 16, 2011

Have a great weekend

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I've always liked Patti's version of Gloria best followed by the Shadows of Night version. But then I am not Lucifer's Advocate for nothing.

Then there is the guy who wrote it... Van the Man


Who do you think the lead singer of "Them" (in the video I have posted here) was? Please do some homework.

Jack - The places I was shopping for records and albums back them did not have a lot of off beat labels from across the pond. So I had no idea Them was Van's band until you said research. Hell when I was in Dublin in the 90s, I wandered into a record/music store and saw boatloads of Van Morrison work that we never see in the US. The clerk helpfully told me that Van was a frequent visitor to that store and had been there the week before. Thanks for the find.

Wow - I never realized how much these guys were influenced by the Animals. But it makes sense if you think about it.

You consistently post the very best music clips but they mess with my day. Now I have stop what I'm doing and listen to Philosopher's Stone.

Philosopher's Stone is perhaps the best two disc set in the existence of music. Van Morrison's music career is just a thing of intrigue to me. His appearance on The Last Waltz is a consistent source of pink-jumpsuit-leg-kick-laughs for me. "Turn up, you rah-dee-o."

Great post, Jack!

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