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Friday, September 30, 2011

Hard to believe

This thing holds two gallons of food slop:

Two gallons is pretty big. All of us in Portland are going to have make room for these things in our kitchens? On top of the half-dozen compartments we already have for several different kinds of recycling?

Some days it's as though we've been kidnapped and taken away to some sort of strange cult camp. The guy running it has a bow tie and a big bicycle pin on.

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Watch how many recycling bins Penn & Teller foist on this guy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SC3CZBDz7Wg

Cult camp is right. I hope these "officials" don't ever feel threatened and hopelessy surrounded. They'd want want us all to take cyanide pills.

Some of us already have compost containers on our counters. It's not that big a deal. Definitely a first world problem... ;o)

Seems Portland is going the way of some algae: blue-green. Could this not have been attempted by persuasion rather than mandate?

Shouldn't there be a hole in the seat?

honestly, i am excited for the every week pickup of the green bin. my compost i already deal with on site... so that bin will probably end up as a diaper pail.

The one-gallon jar we keep under the sink for food scraps is big enough and uses less space.

My 2 gallon pail is a 2&1/2 horse power garbage disposal machine, made in America.

It is even harder to believe that there are so many people that accept this without question.

If Tigard cuts my garbage pick-up, I'll move to Clark County, Washington.

I remember when they picked up twice weekly.

Larry - it's not 'acceptance' it's force.

And what are supposed to do when the corrupt leaders never listen or cares?

Big and super-ugly. Don't want it on my countertop and under the counter is already jammed with recycling and trash. Thanks Samsusan.

What a total waste of money on each of these containers. I intend to "recycle" mine on the steps of city hall.

Given the rat population in my neighborhood and most of SW, this is gonna be a cluster. Bad enough that I had to deal with mice in the kitchen a few years back. And I read their flier. I mean bones and coffee grounds, not exactly compost material. It's loony.

Cut garbage service. Raise the price. Once again, we take it in the a**. When will it stop?

It's nice that they thought of the coyotes for a change.

This is definitely not going to survive the attentions of our 15-pound always-hungry tomcat that we have on a diet.

Jack, for curbside recycling, should have exactly two containers for recycling: glass, and everything else. Why do you have a half-dozen?

It looks like a plastic grocery bag should work just fine as a liner.

Oh, wait. Never mind....

I prefer my SS bucket with the tight fitting lid that has charcoal filters
That thing will be swarmed by fruit flies in 3 hours.
It is also ugly!

This thing is creepy to look at, but then creepy fits the agenda.
I couldn't possibly have this on my counter, loss of appetite just looking at it.
Made in China?
Would like to know how many were purchased and the cost?

I'm so happy it has exciting, embossed lettering on it to keep me from forgetting what it's for! So happy! Portland! Yeah!

How abou emptying a couple of those full containers on Sammy Boy's head? Maybe he might get the message...

Shouldn't it be colored green? Oh wait a minute=brown is appropriate.

Hi Jack:
This slop bucket somehow reminds me of the "honey bucket" from a past time in Japan and possibly China? I think those were emptied daily in the morning and poured on the garden for fertilizer. Same song different verse.

Where does the compost go? Does it go to private parties such as local food growers?

If it goes to a private party or parties, then is it not a direct government subsidy to a private party who has profit as one purpose for conducting business?

Killiana1a - they plan on selling it back to you.

And I'm not joking.

But it's just in time...for Halloween!

Paint it orange and you have your official Portlandia Jack O'Lantern.

Oooh, Very scary! (Don't forget to put a bird on it.)

I'm taking mine to city hall each time I visit. I can't wait for the reaction when the security guard opens it. And better yet, seeing Sam and Council wondering what I'll do with it inside chambers.

Great idea, we can begin using them as our briefcases when we visit city hall,
or a file box to keep all their many brochures.

Why can't Portland, or better yet all of Metro, have it's own Arab Spring? How much abuse do we need to take while the SustaiManipuri take over our cities and run us into debt while they walk around with fat wallets and swelled heads? At least we still get to vote.

That should read: Sustainability Overlords above. My device made a strange substitution.

Citizens need to rise up against this latest indignity. Why as a free person am I not allowed to contract with a garbage company to take my refuse once a week? The government has become so all encompassing that I am not allowed to choose my own lightbulb, or toilet. I am forced to subsidize an inefficient green energy movement that relies on subsidies and high energy costs. The green movement has a very real totalitarian element to it. There's a reason they call them watermelons - green on the outside and red on the inside.

The more I look at this slop pail bucket, the more I want to gag,
oops - more in that bucket!

John - We are not allowed to choose our garbage collectors either. Waste Mgt. would not be my choice. I miss Miller's with their great service (up my old drive for the cans and no hill fees and no cans strewn all over). But monopolies benefit political campaigns.

I really loathe that each one of these things has a smug slogan on it: "Portland Recycles!" - "Portland Composts!"

Does that mean if the City comes up with a low volume toilet that we must all install and use, it will have the words: "Portland Excretes!" emblazoned on the front?

My wife and I live upstairs. Two tenants live downstairs. 4 of us, weekly garbage service for a ~30 gallon container has always worked great. We already recycle in the blue cart, manage compost on site, yard debris in the green container. I wrote the city saying "you expect that our food waste will cut our garbage pickup by 50%?", citing that we have nearly no food waste to begin with, and that food waste does not take up much volume, that we compost it on-site, and still need the weekly garge pickups. They wrote me back volumes - pilot was a-ok, try it you'll like it, hey look at the long list of things you can put in there, etc, blah, blah. I'm supposed to be excited I can throw meat, bones, egg shells, pasta, rice, bread, etc. in this thing now? Who in their right mind is throwing away large volumes of pasta, rice, and bread, because as a distance runner, I'd love to come over to your house for dinner if you routinely prepare so much food you can't eat it! Bottom line is now I have to pay for more expensive garbage service and get one of those 60-gallon rollcarts. Couldn't they fix the streets or maintain the city bathrooms in the parks in my area instead of forcing this on me? Like I said, I already compost on-site and am diligent about recycling. My workplace downtown has a commercial kitchen and we added food composting years ago because it was the right thing to do. We hoped it would reduce our overall garbage volume, but it did not do so to the extent we could reduce garbage service frequency.

That two gallon pail is pretty big and has our attention...
as the example above points out, and in my view, it is really about getting some people to pay more and not so much about reducing our overall garbage volume, but reducing our service.

This can be done with propaganda that we all pay for, and many doing all this busy work for a "feel good" towards the planet, while corporate culprits not only continue but escalate their abuse in our planet.

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