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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Government wants to stop Japanese from using Geiger counters

The evildoers in the nuclear industry, along with their bureaucrat patsies, will stop at nothing.

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Why don't the Japanese just re-name them 'Issue Counters' as that's how we got rid of all our Problems?

hey jack...im sure the obama admin has a plan to confiscate geiger counters too...along with everything else

Well the Japanese public - like you - has no idea how to read them, and what the information means. I agree they have the right to have them, but I'm sure the Japanese government has better thing to do than field calls from owners who don't know how to read their meter, and what the information means in the first place.

I'm sure the Japanese government has better thing[s] to do...

Then why aren't they doing it, Mark?

government has better thing to do than field calls from owners who don't know how to read their meter

Mark, you are a classic nuclear industry misinformation merchant. It's great to have you on the blog as an example of the cheap excrement that comes out of that industry's public relations hole.

I have news for you: Nobody who's doing their own testing is asking the Japanese government about anything. Because it's obvious that the government can't be trusted on this issue. Anyone who's smart enough to buy a Geiger counter is also smart enough to ignore most of what the nuke puppets in government are telling them.

Just as thoughtful readers ignore your quaint postings here, except for the entertainment value.

A Geiger counter is a type of particle detector that measures ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is radiation with sufficient energy to remove an electron from an atom or molecule. This ionization produces free radicals, atoms or molecules containing unpaired electrons, which tend to be especially chemically reactive.
Exposure to radiation causes damage to living tissue, and can result in mutation, radiation sickness, cancer, and death.

I guess that wasn't to hard to grasp.

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