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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glug glug -- who's no. 2?

O.k., knowledgeable Portlanders, here's a quiz for you: Who's the second largest consumer of water sold by the Portland Water Bureau?

Hints: It's not Siltronic -- they're first, with about 549 millions gallons consumed in the year ended June 30, 2010. It's not the parks bureau -- they're third, at around 229 million gallons a year. And it's not the Portland public schools -- they're fourth, at approximately about 165 million gallons a year.

So who's second?

Answer tomorrow.

UPDATE, 9/8, 4:57 p.m.: And here it is.

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Ted Mahar.

Perhaps the sewer dept using fresh water to compensate for loses resulting from greater use of low-flow toilets? Its happening elsewhere in the US.

The BES? I recall something from long ago about Portland needing to dump large amounts of water into the sewer system to keep things moving along. And a commissioner or bureaucrat trying to find the "stolen" water from the system wound up looking a bit silly.

City Hall.

Ted Mahar

Good one, LL! Although, didn't Dulcy pass away recently? Wonder if Ted's keeping up the gardening.

In any case, I'm going to guess a suburban city or water district. Maybe Tigard, or the Tualatin Valley Water District? Whoever it is, they're undoubtedly looking at their options to buy their water elsewhere or relocate in order to avoid PWB's upcoming steep rate increases.

My money's on OHSU.


The suspense is killing me.

Port of Portland, it takes lots a water to wash a ship.

TVWD isn't going to bail (sorry) on Bull Run water -- they are putting a new 2 million gallon tank amongst the homes on Garden Home Road to slurp more from the city.

Yeah, it violates the zoning and building codes -- you gotta' problem wit' dat'?

Other water districts don't count as "consumers."

The Portland Water Bureau?

Andy Weiderhorn?

No. 2 could be around 300M-ish gallons, or about 1M a day, or about 3 acre-feet a day. No one other than schools or parks has enough land to water that much. I'm stumped...

No. 2 would be - Randy Leonard leaving all the faucets on 24/7 at City Hall so he can have the taxpayers pay for inflated water usage.

Actually, if it is NOT someone like Tualatin Valley Water District, I'd guess some city bureau like parks.

After all, they don't pay for it - We do.

Port of Portland, most likely; Maybe ODOT, or Portland Fire & Rescue. Wild guess: METRO (the zoo, etc.).

Hard to say. Best guess would be something having to do with agriculture. Am I close??

OHSU; might have said PSU, but they're using recycled grey water in their low-flush toilets in their new buildings.


Oregon Steel?

I know it isn't Ron Wyden, unless he's pumping it to his home. You know, where he really lives.

Maybe it's anyone who has met with political types, to rinse off the slimy film that they secrete.

Other than that, I have no clue.

In no particular order, I will guess:

Portland Housing Authority (now called Home Forward)


City of Portland Transportation Bureau

Legacy Health System?



Sam's dirty laundry?

Transfer stations, Metro golf courses, Blue lake park and others, Zoo, Convention Center, EXPO....

As an old trooper with Greg Palast on Enron electric and water
control issues all over the world, Portland is on notice: multinationals have WATER
as their #1 target for profit. We dumped Enron with some
terrific sleuths in Portland. The Bull Run Water and LT2 epic
is carefully unravelling so enjoy the roller coaster and see
who will not run again and resigns while in office as have
Mayor Adams, Commissioner Leonard and DA Michael Schrunk.
With the FBI carefully surveying Pay Station fraud and the lead
sleuth for the Feds, Holden, celebrating his JTTF victory, what
should we expect next? Awaiting answers.

Multnomah Athletic Club. 20,000 members

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