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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Freudian slip

We see that in his e-mail message touting his appearances at local high schools on the first day of school, Portland's mayor was back to displaying his web page banner with the phallic symbol in the middle of it:

Just an inadvertent slip-up, perhaps. But yuck.

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So Mayor Creepy assigned himself some homework?
That sounds pretty creepy to me!

He also misspelled a student's name.

He also bemoans PPS's lack of "yellow buses," but ignores the fact that ORS 327.043 mandates that districts provide transportation to high school students living more than 1.5 miles from their neighborhood school.

This is a subtle message from Sam about how frisky he is feeling on a particular day or subject.

That's not a Freudian slip. That's a Freudian corset with matching garters and six-inch heels.

Freud? or O'Keefe? (Georgia) The eye of the beholder attends its interests, I suppose, such as the line-up of labia lookalikes and the kicked-up heels, skyward in open mesh.

And the rorschach-shaped skyline blob spelling out the word 'llama' clearly seen. What's up with that?

Maybe it's lambda not llama.

Actually, I view it as a sign of being clueless. While I don't expect Sam to realize that his CoP logo has some subliminal message within, surely one of his many interns or staffers is aware that the logo is being mocked here and in other places.

Perhaps it is his staff that is also mocking him?

The banner may still be living in your cache. When my wife gets the same e-mail from his nibs that I get, hers is the version with his "staff" and mine is the newer version with little birdies. I recently emptied my cache and assumed that was the reason for the difference. I don't know.

But I still feel proud that the subject on this blog actually produced a change to begin with.

Came her to say what TexasTriffid said.

Heh, heh...This political machine is as subtle as a Cheney heart attack.

What happened to high school students getting to school on their own ?
I rode the bus to Benson (4 miles)and back every day..
One of my daughters did the same and the other two made it to Madison (4 miles) and back on Trimet..
And the government didn't pay the tab either..

Regarding transportation for high school students: Some districts with transit systems available have waivers under ORS 327.043 (2). Portland is one of them.

Did he get a chance to read, My Pet Goat?

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