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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Digging in the dirt

The boys at Willy Week have a good one on Portland mayoral candidate Eileen Brady today: She got herself excluded from Waterfront Park during Rose Festival eight years ago for refusing to obey a police order to walk her bike. She also allegedly mouthed off to one of Portland's finest who was doing the ticketing, including allegedly remarking about her three personal friends on the City Council.

It's an interesting story, and Brady ought to be darned embarrassed. But WW probably hopes its big splash with the story somehow cancels out the checkered past of its fair-haired boy, Brady opponent Jefferson Smith. Smith's list of transgressions is as long as one's arm and getting longer. WW was late to the party in picking through the ample evidence of his phoniness. Looks like they're the first to go after Brady, who in our reader poll of yesterday was the clear front-runner in the mayor's race. They'll need a lot more than this.

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Hales to the Chief?

The salary of Portland's mayor is probably commensurate with the skill level of our current misfit. Maybe if we paid what the job is actually worth we might attract some competent people.

Another paragon of arrogance for Portland government? Where do all these people keep coming from and why do they keep winding up here, either in or vying for public office?

At the frequency with which flies and parasites keep being attracted to the Portland political scene, one has to wonder just how exactly, is Portland is being viewed from a political perspective?

Wow. Now we have three confirmed lousy choices. Guess you have to hold out hope it was just Brady's hormones talking that day.

I'd still choose "Swinging Moods" over "ADHD Community Organizer" or "Quarterback for Team Graft".

Doesn't the mayor generally serve as police commissioner? If she wins, the City's Finest might be a little miffed at taking orders from somebody who publically says they wrote an inaccurate report.

At least with her, the PPB probably won't get to choose its boss, like they did with Adams the first time. Seems to me she might have the right attitude for cleaning shop over there, finally.

What the Popo consider "mouthing off" is well really just using the first ammendment. These are the same more ons who issued tickets to people who honked their car horns in support of a rally.

And it would be nice to have someone in office who would stand up to the thugs in blue.

Agreed Lucadvo!
I guess Eileen is fortunate she wasn't tazed, beaten, shot or even molested by the City cops!
And she was doing the politically correct thing too...riding a bike!

So was the policeman.

I like the Portland Police but have to admit having two interactions with one officer that were less than professional on both sides....The cop was arrogant and I wasn't in the mood to shuffle, bow and say "yes ma'am." both times I graveled before I got a ticket. But there is a North Portland Sgt. who wears the scariest makeup and has a real pissy attitude. I guess I will never be able to run for Mayor...

If she would haven been in a car, this would have never happened...

Whoa...mouthing off to police, while refusing to get off her bike?
Isnt that a badge of honor in Portland?
Sounds like we have a new mayor!

Very interesting, and disappointing if true. So, worst case, we have a streetcar/developer puppet (Hales), a irresponsible progressive who can't hold a job/manage his daily life (Smith), and a entitled brat (Brady) running for mayor. I'm still going with Brady as the lessor of all the evils (and Smith and Hales are so bad I don't think anything short of a nuclear disclosure will change my mind), but really, this is the best we can get?

Oh please. about a decade ago, I got a ticket for jaywalking across Burnside pushing my baby in his carriage, when the only car on the road was the cop's and she was plenty far away.

This morning my son's friend told me he was on his way to court to plead for a reduction of a THREE HUNDRED DOLLAR fine for the following.

He pulls in to the parking lot early one morning in to Ludeman's Fireplace shop, his parent's place of business. There, in the lot, parked perpendicularly across three parking places is a cop doing paperwork. Cop pulls out on to Beaverton road to make a U-turn back in to the parking lot, to pull up behind kid with lights on. Claims he "didn't signal soon enough" to make the turn. Kid says, I'm sure I did. Even checks his lights to make sure they work, in front of cop. Oops, shouldn't have done that, discovers the other turn signal light isn't working, so cop decides to cite him for that.

Cop involved is someone called Pierce/Pearce, no longer works for the Beaverton police force and kid can't find out why not.

Is this one of the many of our finest? the name rings some sort of bell, hard to tell, there have been so many.

I am so tired of the daily tiny abuses of power, harassing of the public, and periodic major abuses of power, that frankly, I'm more willing to vote for Brady than I was before reading this post.

Amen gaye.

If anyone remembers Hales on City Council, it is hard for me to imagine he or she would support the developer puppet for Portland mayor.

We need a new slate of candidates. Is it too late?

I don't know, I can't put my finger exactly on it, but something about Brady is a little reminiscent of Diane Linn. Both in looks and in style. Looks are fine, but style not so much.

Some red flags about Brady in this story. If it's true, I guess. Police don't have much credibility any more.

I must say that "self-righteous indignation" may be Portland's defining personality trait, so maybe she's just showing that she's a true Portlander. Of course, a super-duper AAA Stumptowner would have found some way to express it passive aggressively. She needs to work on that.

Isn't there some lowly bike mechanic who could run? At least it would be someone who actually knows how to produce something---albeit of little value.

Sounds like a bad case of "Little Man, Big Badge" to me.

I will defend LEOs 99% of the time, and I won't be voting for Brady. That said, the PPB officer in question was clearly being a jerk, especially during a happy time like Rose Festival and with a non-threatening female citizen.

I've interacted with PPB several times in the past 4 years: they've always comported themselves with compassion and restraint.

I think I found the theme song for this city hall election cycle:


Give me a break! One mouthy run in with the police over whether to dismount her two wheeler hardly compares to her opponent's pattern and history of ignoring significant legal and financial obligations and responsibilities related to driving and professional licensing. Sorry WW, sounds more like mulch raking than muckraking.

Sounds like a bad case of "Little Man, Big Badge" to me.

I don't know how you can conclude that.

Wow, some serious sexism in this thread. Some of you should read your comments again.

So what is everyone getting so bothered about? Usually, you all are ready to pile on the police for any action they take. You should give credit to Brady for having a confrontation with the Portland Police and surviving.


The Park Officer pedaled his bike 300 yards to catch up to a single bicyclist who refused to dismount her bicycle in a time and place when dozens (if not hundreds) of people are doing the same thing? Nevermind the hordes of jaywalkers, litterers, and smokers in violation of the public park smoking ban.

Did he have the lights and sirens on his bike helmet illuminated while in pursuit?

Have you ever been to Waterfront Park during Rose Festival? There are rampant drug deals, prostitutes, drunks, minors in possession, concealed weapons, and fights. But Officer Napolean chased Ms. Brady 300 yards because she ignored his sorry ass?

That's a Little Man with a Big Badge.

My boss's domain has frozen over. I agree with something Mister Tee posted about a cop.

Let's see, one candidate gets excluded from a city park, once, for daring to question a cop..
The other candidate has how many citations for driving with a suspended license ?

Drug deals?
Concealed Weapons?

Five illegal activities and only one rational one!

If it's true that Eileen Brady has friends on the city council, I'm going to need some time to process that. I mean everybody makes mistakes. I've known some pretty questionable characters myself over the years, but the city council? We don't need a mayor who's friends with the wrong element.

Mister Tee:

First, we don't know if he "pedaled his bike 300 yards to catch up to a single bicyclist who refused to dismount her bicycle in a time and place when dozens (if not hundreds) of people are doing the same thing." That's her self-serving after-the-fact description of what happened. We do know, because it appears undisputed, is that after she accessed the park by the Hawthorne Bridge, heading northward towards the Rose Festival Fun Center, he approached her and said she needed to dismount her bike, ostensibly for pedestrian safety.

And, secondly, we know, because it appears undisputed, she blew him off and ignored him, and pedaled off northward towards the Rose Festival Fun Center crowd.

Thirdly, when he did catch up with her, she obnoxiously decided to record their interaction. I say "obnoxiously" because all he was asking her to do was dismount her bike and walk it for pedestrian safety, no big deal, AND she then chose to play the "I have friends on the city council" card.

Frankly, I'm seeing a bitch here. Now, if you have other evidence I'd be glad to hear it. Honestly. Maybe he copped an attitude on her first, I don't know. Maybe there's a track record of Officer Isaac Lackey being abusive towards citizens, but if there is I don't know of it. Maybe you can enlighten us.

The "300 yards" is from Officer Dudley's police report, written in his own hand.

2. She blew him off because (her side) she said she didn't hear him.

3. Walking/riding a bike during Rose Festival is not worthy of pursuit. Not unless she had committed some other infraction. The fact he admitted to chasing her for 300 hards was, ipso facto, an overreaction.

4. Citizens have every right to do everything Ms. Brady did during the interaction: she violated no law and certainly didn't require a gauntlet of 5 officers surroundiner her for "failure to walk a bicycle."

5. By issuing an exclusion (especially for a first time offender), Officer Dolittle made himself the Judge, Jury, and Hangman.

6. Read his report: he clearly overreacted and let his ego get in the way of a good decision. There was no reason to turn this into a throw-down.

7. Calling her a bitch based on this single interaction with an overzealous Park Officer only demonstrates your own personal bias towards women.

Is boycat another name for Isaac Lackey, or are you just a friend of his?

Eileen Brady's side of the story, in a letter addressed to Sam Adams 2003.

I agree with MrTee (I can't believe I said that) this was a case of an officer demanding obedience and groveling from a citizen simply not getting it.

Good for her...hold your head up Ms. Brady - I approve of citizens having rights and being treated with courtesy by city workers (including introducing oneself, apologizing, always being polite, being human) despite the assertions of some public servants.

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