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Monday, September 5, 2011

Checking out the talent

This is extremely creepy. We wouldn't want him anywhere near our kids.

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You know, Jack, I like your blog. And I don't like Sam Adams, as a largely ineffectual mayor, who has been pretty much a 'do -nothing' while talking about it as though he IS.

I have to take issue though, with your creepy designation, which seems to tread on the old "you're gay so you must be a predator of youngsters", for which I don't see a basis in fact. I call foul. Not fair. Whatever you think of this mayor and his politics.

I would have thought this was brilliant satire had the link not gone directly to a city of Portland maintained webpage. Legitimate question - what precautions will the schools be taking with a known deviant being in the vicinity of children?

Nancy - Not to speak for Jack, but in my view, the "creepy" slipper fits based on the makeout session with the high school senior in a bathroom. Nothing to do with orientation, same joke would apply if he had a thing for high school girls instead of boys.

I call foul. Not fair

A high, hanging pitch...

Nancy... Sam is a predator of teenagers... the same age range of 'youngsters' who typically ride public transit to school. The fact that he plans to ride the bus and interview this same demographic is beyond creepy. Gayness has nothing to do with it.

Gay, straight, bi it doesn't matter.Sam Adams is one creepy person whatever his sexual orientation.And being around children,ehhhh....

Now, now. Sam is only interested in sex with your child after they turn 18. Until then it's strictly above the waist and only with a willing participant.

"you're gay so you must be a predator of youngsters"

No, it's "You are a proven predator of youngsters, and a pathological liar." Big difference.

Nancy..."you're gay so you must be a predator of youngsters..."

The Mayor is gay, and he courted a 17 year old KID for months until showing up at the his 18th Birthday party to meet the parents. He then waited two weeks, ostensibly to avoid the appearance of statutory rape, and they had sex (for what was allegedly the first time).

Mayor Creepy fulfilled the Gay Predator stereotype exactly, then railed against the existence of said stereotype and denounced another gay man as homophobic. Creepy would have had to be driving an ice cream truck while looking for his lost puppy to make it any more ironic. The fact that he tried to explain it all away under the guise of "mentoring" or helping a young man come to grips with his sexual orientation just spikes the Ewwww factor.

So to see if how all "our programs are in place" we are going to be riding a tri-met bus with students who no longer get free youth passes and going to Franklin to welcome the incoming students from the closed Marshall High School. How do you spell pathetic?

And let us not forget the envelope full of cash that he gave the victim during the criminal investigation. Which he then conveniently called a "loan." My eye. Left it for him at a City Hall reception area, no less.

Creepy as all get-out, and I don't want him anywhere near my kids.

You know, nancy, I like your comments. And I also don't like Sam Adams, as a largely ineffectual mayor, who has been pretty much a 'do -nothing' while talking about it as though he IS.

I have to take issue though, with your sycophantic Adam's love-fest, which seems to tread on the old "you're gay so you must defend his every action, even his illegal ones. I call foul. Not fair. Whatever you think of this mayor and his gayness.

Fortunately for my family, tomorrow at David Douglas only the freshmen will be there for orientation day. My son who attends there won't start school until Wednesday.

As far as the bilingual, bi-literate elementary school...how about we concentrate on having kids who read and write fluently in English first, and then once we've mastered that we can add a 2nd language. I do understand the concept, that kids learn a 2nd language much faster when they're exposed to it at a younger age. However, if we can't get them to pass benchmark tests in one language, how can we expect them to do it in two?

In response to Nancy, and as someone who has followed this blog for several years, and having read probably well over 1000 posts, I can say with a great deal of confidence that Jack is not a bigot of any kind whatsoever. I wouldn't read this blog if Jack was a bigot. Mayor Adams' creepy designation is well deserved. Remember when Robert Ball accused him of having a relationship with an underage teenage boy? His response was "how dare you accuse me of being sexually inappropriate! I was "mentoring" the young lad!" He's just as creepy as David Wu or Neil Goldschmidt, and they aren't gay as far as I know.

Being gay doesn't predispose you to lying, either, but Adams did that repeatedly, including lying about 'making out' with an underage teen in the City Hall men's room.

For which he DID, I think, receive very, very special treatment. There's not a straight man alive who thinks that, were he caught 'making out' with an underage teen girl in the City Hall men's room while being Mayor, that he'd have a chance in hell of being able to keep his job.

"There's not a straight man alive who thinks that, were he caught 'making out' with an underage teen girl"

Neil Goldschmidt.

Jack may not be a bigot but most of the right wingers who read this blog are. And Mister Tee don't even deny it.

Have you ever tried to address an issue @ city council chambers w/Sam?

I have, and his vacuous gaze is creepy.

It's creepy just reading these posts and being reminded of how creepy the Mayor is. I'm creeped out. I'm calling it a day. Good night Portlanders - sleep tight.

Geez, I hate this over-the-top green dogma. The Mayor and his cityhall cohorts use the green dogma to essientially take money from one group of folks and give it to another group of folks. The group getting the bennies generally feel no thanks toward even cityhall or those being taxed; but rather, all cityhall is doing is growing a population of unfree peoples totally dependent on continued government handouts.

Guess that's how you get elected in stump town by being Robin Hood and stealing from the middle class working stiffs and handing the loot over to medicaid dependent folks, the well heeled building developers, and of course, the government class itself.

...handing the loot over to medicaid dependent folks...

"Medicaid dependent." Are those your code words for the poor? Perhaps I've missed it, but since when has Sam done much to actually help the poor... besides more platitudes I mean?

Creepy pretty much covers it. Not calling him an out-and-out perv, just creepy. Which he clearly is. And, no, nancy and LucAdvo, it's got nothing to do with orientation, as much as you stylize yourselves. Me being a right winger and all. It has to do with relative ages, honesty, and behaviors. Sam in theory could've been so much, but he's turned out to be less than so little.

While reading Sam's itinerary, I heard it in a "Mr. Rogers" voice. Eww. Ultimate creepy. I have nothing against Mr. Rogers. Are we, as his serfs,kindergarteners? Same with his press conference regarding the shootings near Jeff. Give me a break. Does he really think we believe he's really doing anything?

How do I spell creepy?

boycat - I think Scam is less than a zero. And I also know a lot of right wingers are homophobes. It's not a mutually exclusive proposition you know.

As far as age, Scam is part of the slacker generation that I deeply wonder about. Though there may be some Xers that are not slackers and entitlement dilettante whiners.

"Jack may not be a bigot but most of the right wingers who read this blog are. And Mister Tee don't even deny it. Posted by LucsAdvo"

Name them all. I dare ya.

Mayor Creepy, is still in office because he does the bidding of his developer masters, behind closed doors, along with all the other creepy behaviors in which he participates.
I wonder who the next "mayor creepy" will be, because the next mayor will also have to "do the nasty" with the people who really run the city.

Careful, you're getting close to a anti Bob Ball "this is one of the worst smears of a gay man" speech v.263. Sam (pardon the metaphor) opened the door to this. So I think bigotry can be used by both ends of the political spectrum.

Finally, in anticipation of some of the most chilling words from Sam I've heard:

Check in right here after the first day of school, and I’ll tell you all about what I saw.

See you at school,


Why not provide GLOBAL free transit for youth? If it's a subsidy, let's do it for the world.

"we, .... are working harder than ever to help secure funding for youth countywide to gain access to a youth-pass that can help break down the barrier of transportation cost."

Why not provide GLOBAL free transit for youth?

I don't think those yellow buses will float.

Global Free Transit? I thought that's what Max is. (BTW, have yet to see any of those shiny new fare inspectors.) And, in my neighborhood, near a K-8 school, there's a whole lotta drivin' getting those kids to school.

Everyone had the information ahead of time.

Nancy, what rock have you been hiding under?

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